The deadline for the U.S. Census is the end of the month — Sept. 30. Here’s your reminder that you need to fill out your Census right away, if you haven’t done so already.

Why? Jan Bramlett, part of the Census team at the California Center for Rural Policy, reminds you why, below:

Take the 2020 Census NOW!

2020 is an outstanding year. Besides being a major election year and the first pandemic in a century, 2020 also is the ten-year point when our entire nation is taking the Census. You may not have noticed the mailing. This next month matters to all of us. If we are undercounted, we do not get our fair share. That means our local governments must contribute extra funding to pay for services that should receive federal funding from our tax reserves.

The Census is how we tell Washington how to allocate the taxpayers’ dollars. More than $300 billion, plus funds that go to our State, are derived from Census information. Undercounts hurt rural areas, especially. Reports of how much money is distributed per person vary according to sources, but it is said that federal funding averages anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 PER PERSON. We all pay taxes. If we don’t count everyone, we don’t get the goods that we have already paid for!

The Census is confidential! There are many reasons why people may be worried about submitting information on their family members and residences to “the government.” But the facts are, the Census is SAFE, SECURE, and protected by federal law—you risk more when buying something online or commenting on Facebook than you do by filling out the Census.

We are already entering fire season, practically an annual around here. To fully fund firefighting and disaster relief forces, we need an accurate count. Think of the Census as a “GoFundMe” opportunity for your favorite services. Except YOU ALREADY GAVE THE MONEY! Please fill out the 2020 Census. A few easy questions can really make a difference in our town!

Look for a Mobile Questionnaire Assistance Center in your area. Or call 844-330-2020 today!