Presdient Trump meets with Gov. Newsom and others to discuss California’s wildfire problem.

President Trump took a moment to marvel at the thickness, power and wetness of Humboldt’s coastal redwoods during a wildfire briefing with California’s top crisis officials at the Sacramento McClellan Airport this morning.

The president became sidetracked with the redwoods while Calfire Director Thom Porter was seemingly trying to describe the expansive landscapes affected by the ongoing wildfires.

“Then we have the redwood region,” Porter said to the president while outlining a state map. “It doesn’t burn more than a few hundred acres on occasion.”

Wonderment ensued.

“Because of the thickness? The power of the tree? Why aren’t they burning?” President Trump asked.

“They have bark that’s about two feet thick,” Porter replied.

“And they’re very wet,” the president added before learning more about the age and resiliency of redwood trees.

“No kidding, that’s something.” President Trump said. “I’ve never heard that. So in time they could go, but they don’t go with the fires. That is so incredible.”

Watch the powerful discussion in the video above.

President Trump. | Official Whitehouse photo.