Photo: Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Department.


From the Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Department:

Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Department (FVFD) recently applied for a grant through the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant program. They were just notified that of the 2,000 applications accepted from all over the United States, they are one of 200 finalists, and one of only six in California. From those 200, the 40 finalists with the most votes receives $25,000!

Humboldt County, together we can make this happen. It’s easy – register one time and then vote each and every day between now and October 2nd. With just one click you can cast up to 10 votes (the daily maximum). Click on this link and start voting.

FVFD is home to 22 volunteers who serve and protect the entire Fieldbrook community each and every day. In addition to that, they frequently provide mutual aid service to the surrounding areas - Blue Lake, Trinidad, Westhaven, Arcata, McKinleyville, Samoa and Eureka - thereby serving over 50,000 people. FVFD’s response is espeically important to Arcata and McKinleyville now given Arcata Fire Protection District’s recent workforce reduction and closure of a fire station.

FVFD desperately needs a compressor/breathing air station to fill their air bottles. That’s what this grant money will be used for. The firefighters are not able to train with SCBA’s (self-contained breathing apparatus) in order to conserve available air. During structure fires, they have to drive to a neighboring station to refill their bottles, taking them away from the front line for over an hour. This puts the volunteer firefighters and community at great risk. We need them to be well trained, safe and responsive so as to save lives and protect our community.

Chief Jack Sheppard said, “The compressor is the most important piece of equipment our department needs. We’ve been trying to secure funding for over three years. With community support, we can make it happen now. Please vote today, and each and every day through October 2nd. Our entire community will benefit.”