Loleta this morning. Photos/video Andrew Goff unless otherwise indicated.

There are fires to the north of us, and to the south, and to the east, and to the northeast and the southeast. Medford is being evacuated. California is aflame. This morning, the winds are — unusually — such that the smoke has blown from inland over coastal Humboldt County, all but extinguishing the sun.

We’re not yet sure which fire or which combination of fires have darkened our skies. The August Complex, in the northeast of the county, and the new, fast-moving Slater Fire, near Happy Camp, seem like the likeliest culprits. But we’ll know more soon.

Right here we’ll post pictures of this oddest of mornings. We’ll update with yours, below, as the day goes on.

Drone footage by Johnathon DeSoto.

Ferndale Cemetery. Photo: Paul Beatie of the Old Steeple