Happy New Year, Humboldt! Today LoCO is pleased to present you with a trio of local music videos representing an eclectic selection of genres and film styles and showcasing many different parts of our local landscape.

Above, the video for “A Drunk Paycheck” from artist Kenny Bowling is shot in Old Town Eureka and prominently features the Siren’s Song Tavern. The “Red Giant” music video from local rappers Alexander the Greatest and Ruffian highlights our coastal redwoods, beaches and vistas. The last — and by far the strangest — of the videos “Itchy Throat” from Over Yonder appears to be shot in the dunes.

WARNING: The “Itchy Throat” video contains some slightly graphic content — some fake blood and guts being eaten by the band members. If that type of thing bothers you, maybe don’t watch that one. 

Otherwise, go ahead and give these videos a click! With three very different styles, your bound to see and/or hear something you like.