Photo: City of Trinidad.


From the City of Trinidad:

The Water Committee of the City of Trinidad has announced a drought notice for its residents. Trinidad draws about 2 million gallons of surface water each month from Luffenholtz Creek and processes it for about 323 water customers. Surface water flow of the creek has been steadily decreasing since June.

“This year’s drought is steadily approaching the peak severity of the last one,” Richard Clompus, Water Committee and City Council Member said. “And unfortunately, we don’t have another water source for the City at this time.”

Luffenholtz Creek has been the sole source of water for the city for decades. Voluntary reductions in water use is being communicated to each water customer. If creek water flow were to decrease further, mandatory restrictions of water use would be enforced. The City’s website will be updated to indicate drought conditions and recommendations to reduce water usage. For more information, please visit “We have always lived within our means when it comes to water in the greater Trinidad area. But as the conditions change, so must we change our behavior and attitude towards water” says Steve Ladwig, Mayor of Trinidad.

For further information, please contact Eli Naffah, Trinidad City Manager,