Molly van Zeumeren
August 13, 1929 – June 23, 2021

Molly van Zeumeren passed away at the age of 91 in her McKinleyville home on June 23, 2021. She was a longtime resident of El Toro, Calif., before moving to Humboldt County in 2001. Molly is survived by her husband Jan and her three children — Jan J, Rosey and Paul.

Molly Dahrani was born on August 13, 1929 in Moulmein, Burma (Myanmar). At the early age of 16, during WWII, she was forced to flee Burma to India with her two sisters, due to the invading Japanese Army. While living in India when she was about 18 years young she converted to Catholicism and continued her education at a Catholic Convent in Mysore, India. Shortly following the war, she traveled back to Burma, where she pursued her education as a nurse and worked in various hospitals. Jan, her husband to be, was a merchant marine engineer working on a ship docked in Burma. At a social event the two met and fell in love. After Jan’s contract ended, he returned to the Netherlands, taking Molly with him to get married and to begin their life together.

After having their first two children Jan J and Rosey, the couple immigrated to America, first settling in Arizona. Eventually, Molly and her family settled in Southern California, where she had a son, Peter, who died during his birth, and another son, Paul.

Molly had a career working at various hospitality positions. She retired from a successful 25-year career at Disneyland. Molly has touched the lives of so many people that she has come in contact with. Molly’s conversion to the Roman Catholic faith was a guiding force in her life. This motivated her to become a Eucharistic minister in the church. She would take communion to the elderly, the sick, and people otherwise unable to commute to church, so they could share in the sacrament of communion. Molly was a dedicated member of The Little Company of Mary and made hundreds of rosaries by hand to be distributed to the less fortunate around the world. Many of her friends described how Molly had been an inspiring light for them when faced with their own troubles by providing encouraging words. What more! A priest from her congregation called Molly “a living saint” when he recently visited her at her home.

Molly had a magnetic personality, attracting many friends and acquaintances, some of whom were much younger than she. That fact is likely a testament to Molly’s outlook and zeal for life and others. Molly’s loves, aside from her family and friends, included playing bingo, Philly cheesesteaks and going on road trips when others were driving.

Molly once said that when she was a young girl in Burma, all she ever wanted from life was to drive a car and go to America. She had those experiences and so much more. Molly was honored by the Walt Disney Corporation for 25 years of service at The Monorail Café. Many of the customers she encountered adored her and would return regularly to see her. Molly was truly a kindred spirit to those whose lives she touched. Molly will be missed, loved and remembered by all who had the privilege of calling her a wife, a mother, and a friend.

Funeral Mass will be held at Christ the King in McKinleyville on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 5 p.m. Burial will be at Accension Cemetery in Lake Forest on Friday August 13, 2021 at 1 p.m. Molly will be buried and reunited with Baby Peter.


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