A woman walking across a Eureka intersection was struck head-on by the driver of a silver SUV in a disturbing hit-and-run incident captured by surveillance camera Thursday night. 

In the video, the woman can be seen slowly crossing Pine Street as a pair of headlights approach from the cross-street of Hawthorne. As the vehicle approaches Pine the driver makes a swift left turn, striking the woman hard enough to throw her briefly onto the hood before she collapses onto the street. After hitting the brakes, the driver reverses and idles for a few seconds before driving away.

Warning: Some may find this video hard to watch.

Ash Underhill lives at the intersection where the driver hit the pedestrian, and as first reported by Kym Kemp, she and her boyfriend heard the collision. 

“Police, fire and ambulance arrived a minute after I called 911,” Underhill told the Outpost. The victim was conscious when first responders arrived. “She sat up and was clutching her head,” Underhilld said. “She was speaking somewhat coherently but was very shaken up.”

The victim’s husband, who uses a wheelchair, was at the scene and witnessed the collision. “Her husband was livid,” Underhill said. “The vehicle almost hit him too.”

Another neighbor who witnessed the incident ran barefoot down Pine, trying to catch up to the vehicle, but he was unable to read the license plate, according to Underhill. 

She provided a copy of the video to the Eureka Police Department. We’ll update as more info becomes available.


Note: This post originally stated that the vehicle was a Nissan Pathfinder, but sharp-eyed readers have suggested it looks more like a Kia Sportage, a Hyundai Tucson or something else altogether, so we’ve updated to make it more general.