William Andy Beck
July 31, 1949 - March 2, 2021

William Andy Beck was born in Perryton, Texas as the third child of Homer and Ruth Beck. He was welcomed him into the young family with great joy. He was a happy, easy going baby and always hungry. Mashed pototoes were quickly added into his diet. Even in his last days, he could be found in the kitchen, no lights except the glow of the open refrigerator as he searched for the milk carton.

As a young adult, Bill worked as a Nursing Assistant in the local Wichita, Kansas hospital. He was valued for being reliable and sensitive to the needs of patients. He was well known for his ability to apply CPR in emergency situations. One day as he was walking by a neighborhood barber shop, he saw a customer inside clutch his chest and fall to the floor. Bill ran inside, started CPR and kept him alive until paramedics arrived. When Bill saw someone in distress, he didn’t look the other way. He called upon God and tried his best to help.

Bill drove heavy construction equipment for over 20 years. He drilled in Western Kansas oil fields. He delivered wet concrete to Kansas highways, freeways, bridges, overpasses and developing construction sites within Wichita. He was valued for his skills and his ability to deliver in tight places. He was respected by fellow workers.

His humor was legendary. People were both astounded by and enjoyed his historical knowledge, his love of music, old cars and family.

Bill walked personally with God throughout his life. He studied the Scriptures at the Wichita Nazarene Bible College. However, his personal focus was on the Person of Jesus Christ, His coming as prophesied in the Old Testament, His birth, life and death and salvation for all who accepted Him. Bill’s life was filled with testimony of known and unknown people who experienced God’s Grace, Mercy and Salvation because Bill humbly lived it, using words when necessary.

He was the main caregiver of his parents in their declining years. He daily kept them clean and loved . He shared his humor to lighten the load and his comforting hand to hold. Professional nursing caretakers were also present, but Bill’s big hand was the one they wanted near.

He leaves behind Judy, his God given wife of six years married 12-13-14. William breathed praise to God:

“Jesus, thank you for this beautiful, strong woman. What did I ever do to deserve her committed love? Nothing . Only You, our Lord, could have intervened to bring me into the arms of this woman I love.”

Bill also leaves behind his older brother, Floyd (Laura) Beck, who taught him how to repair cars and how to tell a great story without actually fibbing; his older sister, Carol (Jim) Martin, “The One Who Must be Obeyed”; his devoted niece, Elizabeth (Scott) Winterbourne and son, Daniel, in San Diego; his loving daughter, Jen Rice and S/O Travis Kenyon, of 17 years in Phoenix; his son, Aaron (Jenny) Beck and two cherished grandchildren, Harrison and Norah in Wichita.

He is survived by his wife’s children and their families who he considered to be his own; Kevin (Ana) Ontiveros and children, Kevin, Megan, Emily and Andrew; Brian (Brenda) Ontiveros and children, Brianna, Benjamin, Bryce (Nicole){ their daughter Robin} and Brayden; Kristina (Sage) Burtis and son Sage; Melissa ( John) Whitehead and children Josh and Gabby.

The Beck family is deeply grateful to Judy.

As Bill laid in Saint Joseph’s COVID-19 Isolation Unit, our constant prayer was that he would return home to be with “Jesus and Judy”. In His mercy, God gave them extended time together within the comforts of home. They talked, laughed, prayed together, read the scriptures as they had for many years. Bill knew God’s voice well. When Jesus passed by in His Glory on March 2, Bill took His hand, joined Him in the radiant Light of Heaven. Bill is at peace.

Go rest high on the mountain, William. Your work on Earth is done. It mattered.

We miss you terribly here on Earth, but we also know we will be together again praising God.


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