A clown-nosed protester at a McK High vaccine clinic on Friday | Photos submitted by Johnny Kell

A small group of six or seven anti-vaxxers appeared to protest a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at McKinleyville High School on Friday afternoon. The group called teens arriving for their shots “pedophiles” and “Nazis,” said Johnny Kell, a nurse who works for the district.

Kell also told the Outpost that the protestors repeatedly entered the campus and swarmed students’ cars as they entered and left the clinic, trying to give them pamphlets and blocking their view of the road. The protestors’ interactions with Kell himself were more aggressive. One person prevented him from exiting his car by hovering and breathing inches away, Kell said, and another ran towards Kell threatening to stick her tongue down his throat. One person told Kell they’d look for him in the community and kill him.

Kell called 911 and officers arrived at the school. When Kell requested to file a report, the officers said that the threats fall within the protestors’ First Amendment rights. 

A few students waving signs to advertise the clinic and promote vaccines spoke with the anti-vaxxers and were met with some corona conspiracies. Kell interviewed these students afterwards and shared the interviews with the Outpost. One student was called “a Jew that works for Bill Gates.” Others said that the protestors claimed that hand sanitizer causes cancer (it does not), said that the vaccine alters DNA (a more common misconception that is also untrue), warned that the vaccine makes people sterile (it does not), and claimed that COVID vaccines “have abortions in them” (no).