Thank you to all of the artists who submitted locally-filmed (or produced) videos in the past few months. Due to a number of factors, including a recent drop in submissions and the world shifting toward normalcy, this will be the final “Total Request LoCO.” Please continue to send in your videos, as we will still feature some in stand-alone articles. LoCO looks forward to watching all of you perform and showcase your talents in person very soon (we hope). Now please enjoy all the remaining TRL submissions that Humboldt had to offer.

“Aluminum” - Fidlar (Grunge cover by Charlie Ritchie)

Iron Rain
“We Are All This Way” - Datura Blues 
“Letter” - M.C. Confuz/HyPerAktiv

Ray Olson

“Stranded in the Moment” - The Trouble 

“Ambient #1” - Michael Thompson
Clean Girl & the Dirty Dishes 
“Djeli Fode Kujeti - Kora, Gorée Island, Music of Senegal” - Audio Production by Oryan Peterson-Jones

“Pacific Northwest Attractions: A Summer Escape” - John Olson