Donna Wright at the Eureka Chamber Annual Business and Membership Meeting on March 3, 2022 | Matt Filar

A statement from The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Donna Wright, CEO and  President of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce. Donna’s leadership at the Chamber for the past five years has been transformational for the community. Her passion for being a catalyst for business growth, a convener of leaders and a champion for a stronger community has enriched us all.

A special thank you to the first responders of Eureka, whose assistance is greatly appreciated. Our deepest sympathies are with her family and all those who loved her.

Hosting the 129th Eureka Chamber Annual Dinner and Membership Meeting to a full house at the Sequoia Conference Center in January 2020 | GECC

Wielding the big scissors at a business opening in April 2021 | Photo: Andrew Goff

Promoting the upcoming Perilous Plunge last week with Michaele Whiteley and Councilmember Kim Bergel | Matt Filar