PREVIOUSLY: (VIDEO) HUMBOLDT OUTDOORS: Mysterious Wood Carvings in the Arcata Community Forest


Self-taught Humboldt documentarian Ray Olson has reportedly uncovered the artist behind the once-mysterious redwood carvings found along Park Drive in the Arcata Community Forest.

The local artist’s family contacted Olson after the Outpost shared his previous report on the sculptures last month. Unfortunately, the artist responsible for the carvings, Jack Navarro, has since passed away. 

However, in his latest episode of Humboldt Outdoors, Olson sits down with Navarro’s former wife Lynn Navarro to talk about these sculptures and more of his work that can be found around Arcata.

These works include multiple wood sculptures on the Cal Poly Humboldt campus and a carving on Lazy L Ranch on Fickle Hill Road. Enjoy!