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Press release from the Six Rivers Lightning Complex management team:


Unified Command: Six Rivers National Forest, CAL FIRE, California Highway Patrol, Trinity County Sheriff, and Humboldt County Sheriff.


The Lightning Complex Fire is currently 16,924 acres with 15% containment. 1,810 personnel are assigned to the incident. USFS, CAIIMT 11 and CAL FIRE continue to work closely together in a unified command with a full suppression strategy to protect homes and other structures, communities, crucial infrastructure, and important wildlife habitat.

Last night fire activity was minimal, with occasional spot fires along the southern edges of the Ammon Fire and southeastern edge of the Campbell fires that firefighters quickly contained. Crews completed several successful strategic firing operations and improved control lines using dozers and handlines to remove fuels. All control lines are holding well.

“Although we had some fire spotting near some of the corners, our crews were able to quickly contain them,” said Incident Commander Chris Fogle. “All the line we’ve put in so far has continued to hold well, and we’ve been able to close some critical gaps.”

Bremer Fire

Today crews will continue to secure, hold, and improve the control lines created yesterday along the western edge of the fire to keep it away from the community of Willow Creek.

Waterman Fire

Crews will hold and improve the control line along Lone Pine Ridge and Waterman Ridge to prevent fire spread into the Hoopa tribal jurisdiction.

Campbell Fire

Crews will continue to hold and improve the Waterman Ridge system along the south side of the Ridge Road after the strategic firing operations were conducted in the area yesterday. Firefighters are working to keep the fire from the communities of Trinity, Salyer Loop, Salyer Heights and Hawkins Bar.

Ammon Fire

Firefighting crews will continue to improve primary control lines to keep the fire west of the O-6 Road, north of Ammon Ridge Road, and east of the O-1 Road. Today crews will reinforce the holding line along the southeast corner near the Six Road off Ammon Ridge and along the Friday Ridge System near the southwestern edge of the fire.


Warmer, drier weather is expected to increase fire activity today, especially during the afternoon. Smoke will limit visibility during the morning. Aerial firefighting support will be deployed when visibility permits.


An EVACUATION ORDER has been issued for zone HUM-E063-B, south of Willow Creek. Residents in this zone should evacuate now. There is no immediate threat to Willow Creek proper.

The EVACUATION ORDER for Zone HUM-E057 has been downgraded to an EVACUATION WARNING. Residents who live in this zone may begin to return home with caution but should remain ready to evacuate again at a moment’s notice. Be alert to outstanding dangers upon return, including debris in roadways, gas leaks and hot embers.

An EVACUATION ORDER remains in effect for zones: HUM-E032-B, HUM-E056, HUM-E057, HUM-E058, HUM-E061, HUM-E063-A, HUM-E063-B, HUM-E077-B, and HUM-E077-C.

An EVACUATION WARNING remains in effect for zones: HUM-E032-A, HUM-E062, HUM-E064, HUM-E076-B, HUM-E077-D.

The following roads into evacuation zones have been closed. Residents may still use these roads to travel out of evacuation order zones:

• Seeley McIntosh Road at Country Club Road
• Patterson Road at Raga Hills Road
• Friday Ridge Road at Forest Route 6N06

Highways 299 and 96 are currently open but remain impacted by fire behavior.

Due to a large presence of fire personnel and machinery working to build containment lines for the Ammon Fire, residents are asked to limit travel on Titlow Hill Road/Route 1 in zones HUM-E052 and HUM-E062 to essential traffic only.

To find the latest evacuation information go to Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services () or Trinity County Office of Emergency Services (). For an interactive map of evacuation zones visit this link. To sign up for alerts visit this link.

If you are under an evacuation warning, take the necessary steps to be ready to leave.


Trinity Valley Elementary School
730 Highway 96, Willow Creek, CA 95573


Hoopa Rodeo Grounds
1767 Pine Creek Rd., Hoopa, CA 95546
Phone: (707) 492-2851

The Hoopa Rodeo Grounds has several single pens and larger pens for whole herds. Call directly if you need directions or help transporting your large animals. They cannot house sheep, goats, poultry, or small animals, but they can potentially help arrange for temporary foster placement. If you can foster, please reach out regarding your availability and capacity.


State Route 299, State Route 96, and Route 1 remain open to through traffic. Residents are encouraged to visit to check for state highway closures. The following roads into evacuation zones have been closed. Residents may still use these roads to travel out of evacuation order zones:

• Horse Linto Creek Road at Saddle Lane
• Country Club Road at Kimtu Bridge
• Friday Ridge Road at Hwy 299


Heavy smoke and strong inversions continue to affect the health of those who are not yet evacuated. Please check for air quality resources.