Guy Alvey Towers, absent from the body and face to face with the Lord, August 19, 2022.

Guy was born July 9,1939 in French Camp, Calif. His childhood was spent exploring the canals and levees while in search of crappie and bass. Dad told us colorful and adventurous tales of his life there.

In 1953 Guy moved from the valley to Humboldt County, where he found new adventures awaiting exploring the streams of the North Coast and the Pacific Ocean. Guy’s quarry in the local streams were cutthroat trout. He was on one of his fishing adventures when the earthquake of 1955 struck. Dad told us he felt the ground roll and pitch then went back to fishing!

Guy graduated from Arcata High School in 1958 and immediately went to work at US Ply, working on the spreader and feeding core along with enrolling at Humboldt State College. Guy also began to skin-dive and pursue abalone between Pacific tides.

In April of 1958 he met his soulmate Alice and the two were wed December 3, 1960. Guy enlisted in the Air Force and completed basic training at Lackland AFB, technical school at Gunter AFB and received training as a veterinary technician and food inspector. For the next four years he and his beloved were stationed at Fairchild AFB. While there, Guy and Alice’s first son, Grant Allen Towers, was born. Guy attended night school, earning an associates degree. Upon his completion of his service, Guy and family returned to Humboldt County in 1965 and resided in Bayside where he attended Humboldt State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in social work in 1968.

Guy loved to help people in need and went to work at Mendocino State Hospital in Ukiah, where he was instrumental in the initiation of new group therapies. With the closing of the state mental hospital system, Guy and family came back to Humboldt County where his work was with Child Protective Services. He loved driving to Southern Humboldt to admire the beauty of the mountains and rivers and smell the pepperwood trees.

Guy was a modern-day pioneer in the Freshwater Valley, buying raw land, cutting in a road, digging a well and bringing in a home. On April 10, 1972, Guy and Alice’s second son, Glen Benjamin Towers, was born. The frontier having been settled, Guy and family moved to Mckinleyville, where his entrepreneurial spirit propelled him into the carpet cleaning business, owning Guaranteed Steam Way carpet service. Guy’s desire to help others brought him to Humboldt Home Health, where he worked until his retirement in 2001. Guy’s spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ began when he was 10 years old. Throughout his life Guy sought to be a light to the world through thought and action. He attended First Covenant Church in Eureka, Church of the Light in Mckinleyville, Faith Center Four Square Church in Crescent City and Arcata First Baptist. While attending Church of the Light, he led an evangelistic outreach through placement of a Christian testimonial in the pages of Times-Standard newspaper. Guy’s Christian work included reading of books by C.S. Lewis, Watchman Knee, Max Lucado and Billy Graham. Guy’s spiritual walk led him to a love of all things lighthouse, the connection being Christ’s light in the world and the lighthouses’ guiding light for mariners. The lighthouse located at Punta Gorda was Guy’s first inspiration on his ultimate quest to pioneer, lead and begin restoration process of the St. George Reed Lighthouse.

The founding of Saint George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society in 1986 was Guy Tower’s life work. As Society President and with the help of his wife Alice, Guy navigated through numerous government agencies to secure the preservation and access to the lighthouse. Newspaper articles, speaking engagements, television and radio spots were also utilized by Guy to promote Saint George Reef Lighthouse. Under Guy’s leadership a dedicated volunteer team performed restoration tasks: rehabilitation of the lantern room, new railings and a new light optic has been installed. Guy’s untiring efforts were recognized last year by the Del Norte Supervisors issuing a proclamation detailing Guy and Alice’s efforts. Guy’s chronicle of the lighthouse past and present in the book Saint George Reef Lighthouse, was also recognized. He will be missed by the organization he founded and the community as well. Saint George Reef Lighthouse had no better friend and advocate. He was and will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Guy was preceded in death by his father James Towers, his mother Violet Towers, his brother Jim Towers and sister Lillian Towers. Guy is survived by his wife Alice Towers, brothers Ben and Lee Towers, son Grant Towers and wife Grants wife Kathy Towers, son Glen Towers, grandchildren Grant Towers II, Grant II wife Erin Towers, grandson Greg Towers and Greg’s wife Corban Towers, and great-grandchildren Mason and Avery Towers.

Service will be held August 27, 2022, at Arcata First Baptist Church 1700 Union Street, Arcata.


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