UPDATE, 3:28 p.m.: New Evacuation Warnings Issued Saturday Afternoon


Your Saturday afternoon fire roundup. Scroll down for a closer look at the topography affecting the various blazes. Click to enlarge.

From Six Rivers National Forest:

Twelve lightning caused fires were identified on August 5th and are a result of thunderstorms that moved across the forest. Due to the aggressive initial attack of Six Rivers National Forest fire fighters and cooperating agencies there are now only 8 active fires. The focus for Six Rivers management and firefighters remains suppression of the remaining wildfires and providing public safety.

Evacuations orders are in place in Humboldt County for zones HUM-E077-C, HUM-E058 and HUM-E061, south and east of Willow Creek. Trinity County Evacuation orders are in place for Salyer Heights, Salyer Loop to the bridge at 299 and Campbell Ridge Road. Evacuation zones can be found at community.zonehaven.com. An evacuation center has been established at Trinity Valley Elementary School, located at 730 Highway 96, Willow Creek.

The Six Rivers Lightning Complex is a very active emerging incident. Evacuation orders and warnings frequently change.
For more information and up to date evacuation information go to humboldtsheriff.org/emergency, or Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services or Trinity County Office of Emergency Services

Due to the management complexity of these fires, Type 2 Incident Management Team 11, led by Incident Commander Christopher Fogle, will assume command of the Six Rivers Lightning Complex on August 7th at 6:00pm.

The following are the fires currently managed by Six Rivers National Forest:

WATERMAN: Approx. 75 acres. Fire is located northeast of Willow Creek on Waterman Ridge Road 7N02 Forest Route 4.

CEDAR: Approx. 80 acres. Fire is located near Waterman Fire. 

BREMER: 15 acres. Fire is located northeast of Willow Creek on ridgetop above the Bigfoot Subdivision. 

FRIDAY: Fire is located south of Willow Creek ½ mile up Friday Ridge Rd from Hwy 299.  

OAK: 200 acres. Fire is located south of Willow Creek. Near FS Road 5N31 and 6N20. 

CHARLIE: Contained. Located south of Willow Creek near the Oak Fire and along FS Road 6N20.

CORRAL: Fire is located northeast of Willow Creek on Tish Tang Ridge.

CAMPBELL: Due to fire activity, the Bravo and Campbell fire have merged and is now being called the Campbell fire. Approx. 150 acres. Located south of Willow Creek on the west side of Campbell Ridge above Campbell Ridge above Campbell Ridge Road.