The Six Rivers Lightning Complex. | U.S. Forest Service

Two additional areas have been ordered to evacuate in response to the Six Rivers Lightning Complex — a grouping of eight wildfires surrounding the Willow Creek area.

Zones added to the mandatory evacuation list:


  • North Bigfoot Scenic Byway, River Bend Road, Peach Tree Lane, Patterson Road
  • South of Bigfoot Scenic Byway, Horse Linto Creek Road
  • East of Orchard Lane
  • West of Horse Linto Creek Road


  • North of Seeley Mc Intosh Road
  • South of Patterson Road
  • East of River Bend Road, Patterson Road
  • West of Moonset Lane

The Six Rivers Lightning Complex fires surrounding Willow Creek. | U.S. Forest Service

An evacuation center has been set up in Willow Creek at Trinity Valley Elementary School at 730 Highway 96.

As of this morning, the size of the complex was reported to be 1,101 acres in size and 0 percent contained.

“Warm temperatures today could contribute to more extreme fire behavior,” the fire’s incident management team stated. “Firefighters will continue to provide protection for structures, infrastructure, and wildlife habitat.”

There is concern that the Six Rivers Lightning Complex could affect water quality in Humboldt County’s rivers, potentially causing a fish kill in the South Fork of the Trinity River. The McKinney Fire burning in Siskiyou County recently caused a large die-off in the Klamath River, impacting upcoming tribal ceremonies.

All areas under mandatory evacuation:


  • North of Forest Route 5n32
  • South of Friday Ridge Road
  • South Fork Road
  • East of Forest Route 5n37
  • West of South Fork Road, Carpenter Road


  • North of Forest Route 7n15
  • South of Seeley Mc Intosh Road
  • East of Seeley Mc Intosh Road, Campbell Ridge Road
  • West of Forest Route 7n15


  • North of Forest Route 7n15
  • South of Horse Linto Creek Road
  • East of Peach Tree Lane WEST OF Coon Creek Rd, Forest Route 7n15

Evacuation zones. HCSO

Areas under evacuation warning:


  • North of Forest Route 6n39, Friday Ridge Road
  • South of Forest Rt 6n33
  • East of Friday Ridge Road
  • West of Friday Ridge Road, Riteway Lane
  • North of Trinity Highway, Wood Lane, Friday Ridge Road
  • South of Campbell Ridge Road, Triple R Lane, Butterfly Creek Road, Kimberly Drive, Trinity Highway
  • East of Trinity Highway
  • West of Wood Lane, Campbell Ridge Road


  • North of Friday Ridge Road, Forest Route 5n01
  • South of Friday Ridge Road
  • East of 5n10, 5n09, 5n27
  • West of South Fork Road, Forest Route 5n42

“If you are under an evacuation warning, be ready and don’t wait until the last minute to leave,” the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has stated.

Evacuation orders have also been issued in Trinity County for Salyer Heights, Salyer Loop to the bridge at Highway 299, and Campbell Ridge Road.

Additional ground and air firefighting teams have been ordered, and are currently traveling to the fire’s location for deployment.