UPDATE, 5:12 p.m.:

The suspect in yesterday’s double homicide, Russell Albers, was the driver of the truck and has been booked into the county correctional facility. See post here.

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Original post:

Photo: Jacob Pounds.

We’re not yet 100 percent certain about what it’s all about, but there was a crazy police chase on Highway 101 north from McKinleyville to somewhere near Big Lagoon this afternoon.

The last thing to come over the scanner is that the California Highway Patrol had one person at gunpoint near Kane Road, and that person is now in custody. The Sheriff’s Office has requested a major crimes unit to respond to their location. Traffic on 101 is impaired at the moment.

As should be evident in the picture above, it was a crazy pursuit. Friend of the LoCO Bob Pagliuco said he came across it as it was near Patrick’s Point. He saw a cop do a U-turn and attempt to block the highway just as the suspect neared. The suspect — still in the wrong lanes of traffic — instead veered around them and continued north.

We’ll update when we know more, obviously.