Brainard! Photo: County of Humboldt.


Press release from the County of Humboldt:

The County of Humboldt has acquired an easement from California Redwood Company, a subsidiary of Green Diamond Resource Company, to develop approximately 1 mile of the Humboldt Bay Trail on the levee surrounding the Brainard mill site. The easement provides the County of Humboldt the legal right to construct the trail while California Redwood Company retains ownership of the property. Funding to acquire the easement was provided through the State Transportation Improvement Program and administered by the California Department of Transportation.

The County of Humboldt is developing the Humboldt Bay Trail South project to expand the Humboldt Bay Trail by 4.25 miles and complete the connection between Eureka and Arcata along the Highway 101 corridor. The purpose of the project is to create opportunities for active transportation and to enhance access to Humboldt Bay. The easement at the Brainard mill site is one of the last remaining elements in the right-of-way phase of the project. The County of Humboldt expects to close escrow on a separate property acquisition by the end of February. The Coastal Commission is expected to consider issuance of a coastal development permit at its meeting scheduled for April 6-8.

“The Humboldt Bay Trail is an incredible destination for residents and visitors to be physically active while enjoying the scenic beauty of Humboldt Bay,” said Virginia Bass, Humboldt County Fourth District Supervisor. “Many residents visit the Eureka Waterfront Trail and the existing Humboldt Bay Trail segment through Arcata for walking, running, biking, skating, and traveling with mobility devices. Completion of the trail connection between Eureka and Arcata will be a major step forward for enabling non-motorized transportation options in the Humboldt Bay region. And the easement provided by California Redwood Company is especially valuable because it will enable the public to view and experience a beautiful corner of Humboldt Bay that was previously inaccessible. The County of Humboldt appreciates that California Redwood Company recognizes the many benefits of the Humboldt Bay Trail and was willing to incorporate the trail into its future plans for the Brainard property.”

“The Humboldt Bay Trail, when completed, will be a beautiful scenic link between Arcata and Eureka,” said Green Diamond Vice President and General Manager Jason Carlson. “We would like to thank the Humboldt County Public Works staff for their dedication to see this project through to completion and the County Board of Supervisors for their leadership and vision to support this project.”