CHAMPIONS. Photos/video: Redwood Coast Gymnastics.

Press release from Redwood Coast Gymnastics:

Five local gymnasts qualified to the 2021 State Gymnastics Championships. The Redwood Coast Gymnastics Team (training at Flips for Kids in Eureka) took 5 athletes to the Level 3, 4, and 5 State Championships.

It’s been a difficult year and half for all sports, and the sport of gymnastics fared no better than many others. These young ladies have had to deal with extensive gym closures, remote classes, outdoor trainings, etc. to continue to work in the sport that they love. Their accomplishments listed below are a testament to their hard work and drive.

Level 3 Results

Elliot on the beam!

Elliot Banducci (11, Eureka) had a barnstormer of a meet, bringing home two State Championships medals. Elliot earned the crown of Gold Medal champion on the Balance Beam (9.625), and danced her way to a bronze medal on the Floor Exercise (9.425). Elliot ended her impressive day in 7th place in the All-Around with a team leading 36.675.

Elliot on the floor!

Rori vaults!

Rori Copeland (12, Eureka) had an outstanding meet, bringing home the State Gold Medal on the Vault (9.50). She also placed Ninth on the Balance Beam (9.125), as she strode to a solid 5th place finish in the All-Around (36.45) tying with teammate Scarlett.

Scarlett Zerlang (12, Eureka) had a excellent meet (as she always does), with her best finish coming with a Silver Medal on the Balance Beam (9.675). She also placed 6th on both the Vault (9.075) and the Floor (9.30). Her final score was 36.45 (5th place) in her final meet of the season. Scarlett was promoted onto Team in the middle of the pandemic, and has done an admirable job in getting up to speed and maintaining her focus and drive.

Scarlett balances!

Kora Cox (14, Eureka) had a strong State Championship meet, just missing the podium on Vault (4th place, 9.30). She also placed 5th on the Floor Exercise (9.325). Kora finished with her highest All-Around score this year (36.325), placing 6th overall.

Kora soars!

Level 4 Results

Caroline Taylor (11, Eureka) had a very good competition at the State Championships, as she captured a Bronze Medal on the Balance Beam (9.50). She also placed 5th on the Floor Exercise (8.975) as a part of her strong competition. She finished the day in 10th place (34.70) in the All-Around, managing her highest score of the season.

How does Caroline do that?

Rose Harper (12, Eureka) had a great meet, bringing home 3 separate podium medals. Strong performances on all events allowed her to take home the Silver Medal in the All-Around (36.375). Strong events got to that achievement, as she earned Silver medal accolades on the Balance Beam (9.375) and the Vault (8.95).

Rose runs, flies, flips, sticks!

Eva Cox (14, Eureka) had a strong State Championship meet as our lone Level 5 athlete. Eva just missed the podium on Vault (4th place, 9.35). She also placed 8th on the Balance Beam (9.325) and 9th on the Uneven Bars (8.225). Eva finished her day with a 10th place in the All-Around (35.00).

There goes Eva!

Overall, the coaches were exceptionally pleased with how these athletes performed at this culminating meet; they were able to maintain their focus and display their best skills in high level competition. These athletes train 8-12 hours per week in Eureka and are very dedicated to their sport. The Head Coach is Brian Van Pelt; he is assisted by Rina Kondo.