Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at approximately 1920 hours, Party #1 was driving Vehicle #1 (Aprili) west on SR-299 west of Campbell Ridge Road in the unincorporated area of Salyer located in Trinity County. Party #1 was approaching a right roadway curve. For undetermined reasons at this time, Party #1 was unable to safely negotiate the right roadway curve. Party #1 continued in a direct course of travel and crossed over the painted solid double yellow lines.

Party #2 (Unknown) was driving Vehicle #2 (Unknown) east on SR-299 west of Party #1’s location. Party #1 allowed Vehicle #1 to travel into the eastbound opposing traffic lane directly into Vehicle #2’s path of travel. As a result, Vehicle #1 crashed into Vehicle #2. This crash caused Party #1 to be fully ejected from Vehicle #1. Party #1 impacted the roadway surface and Vehicle #1 overturned eventually coming to rest within the westbound traffic lane facing in a northeasterly direction. Party #2 fled from the scene driving Vehicle #2. Party #1 sustained major injuries from the crash. Party #1 was transported to Mercy Medical Center for further medical treatment.

If you witnessed this crash or have any information that may lead to identifying the vehicle and party that fled the scene, please contact Officer Wingler at (530) 623-3832