Photo: Caltrans.

UPDATE, 2:25 p.m.: Jerry Rohde, the fantastic local historian, checks in with the following nickname suggestion(s):

In the 1850s, Hydesville was called Goose Lake Prairie.

More recently, I’ve been calling it “Widesville,” since Highway 36 is 102 feet wide through town. The original road was built that wide so that a six-horse team and wagon could turn around in it.


Remember a few years ago, when Caltrans, in conjunction with the local community, fixed up Highway 299 through Willow Creek? That town looks much nicer now.

Well, now it appears they want to do something of the same thing for Highway 36 through Hydesville, which is a cool town you should definitely check out if you’re new to the area or something, and they’re going to be holding an open house next week to talk about some ideas they’ve cooked up and to see what y’all think of them.

That meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15 at Hydesville Elementary. Can’t make it in person? There’ll be a webcast you can join at this link. See the poster below for more options.

And, please, someone suggest a good nickname for Hydesville. Headline writers need that option because it’s weird to say “Hydesville” twice in the same headline, even if it’s one of those loooooong LoCO headlines we so adore. Thank you!