Press release from the Calfire Humboldt-Del Norte Unit:

As early as next week, work may begin on a fuels reduction project near Redway, California. The fuel treatments are designed to reduce the severity and spread of potential wildfire in the urban interface environment. This project will enhance defensible space around the Redway community in State Responsibility Areas (SRA).

This fuel reduction project is a collaborative effort between CAL FIRE Humboldt – Del Norte Unit, Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council, and the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District. This project is a result of the ongoing efforts of the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council to improve the resilience of Southern Humboldt communities to wildfire.

The planned fuel treatments encompass 142 acres of land adjacent to Redway. Contract crews will use, masticators, hand tools, weed-eaters, chainsaws, and wood-chippers to reduce excess fuels in the area. The excess fuel removal will involve weed-eating, brush removal, thinning of trees, and falling of small trees. Any trees removed will typically be small overcrowded suppressed trees. Remaining trees will also have the lower limbs removed to eliminate “ladder fuel.” Ladder fuels are vegetative fuels that provide a path for wildfire to climb from surface fuels like grass and brush, up into the crowns of trees. By removing brush, ladder fuels, and smaller trees, vegetative fuels are separated, and the fire hazard severity is reduced. Most understory vegetation will be lopped and scattered or chipped into mulch.

The year 2021 was another devastating record setting year for wildfire in California. CAL FIRE is continuing work throughout the state to treat vegetative fuels and create more resilient landscapes. The intent is to reduce the number, size, and severity of wildfires and to protect homes and other structures. As CAL FIRE begins this endeavor, Humboldt – Del Norte Unit Chief Kurt McCray would like to encourage homeowners in wildland areas to continue work to create defensible space around their homes. With increased defensible space around homes and fuel treatments such as this project provides, both individual homes and entire communities will stand safer against wildfire.To learn more about this and other similar projects, get involved with the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council by visiting, or visit the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District at

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