Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department: 

On May 4, 2022, Sergeant J. McCovey and Officer N. Flores were patrolling the area behind the Hoopa Fire Department.

While checking that area, the officers located a Ms. Maggie Jones, who was siphoning diesel fuel from one of the trucks.

Ms. Jones was found in possession of a five gallon gas can and a black hose used in syphoning gas from vehicles.

Ms. Jones was positively identified and checked for warrants. She was found clear of warrants and was cited on scene for PC 488 – Petty Theft.

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department wants all residents to be aware and on the lookout for individuals attempting to syphon gas. This has become a more common occurrence in light of recent spikes in gas prices. Please attempt to secure your vehicles as best you can and report any suspicious individuals by calling (530) 625-4202