Christopher John Lottie passed away suddenly on July 28, 2022

Christopher John “Chris” Lottie, was born August 6, 1980, in Raleigh, N.C. The family made moves to New Jersey, Texas, Washington and Minnesota before moving to Plano, Texas, in 1994. Christopher finished middle school in Plano, and graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas. He spent two years at the University of Texas-Austin before graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute of Austin. Chris was part owner of two Dickey’s BBQ Pit restaurants in Austin before moving to Redway in 2015.

When Chris was a kid the family used to take a lot of road trips to visit friends and family across the US. His parents quickly learned that the easiest way to keep Chris and his little sister from arguing was to embrace their shared love of comedy movies, specifically Jim Carrey movies. On one of these many long drives, Chris came up with an idea while watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective. There’s a particular part in the movie when Ace is really close to cracking the missing dolphin case and he ends up at Ray Finkle’s childhood home. Upon asking for Ray Finkle, Ace launches into a one-breath impressive monologue documenting the great kicker’s life. Chris and Christy loved this scene so much and would watch it on repeat. Chris decided they should memorize the monologue and each take a turn reciting it while the other sibling listened and tried to get the speaker to crack into laughter. This game became a tradition between the two and carried into adulthood. Chris loved to laugh and there was one surefire way his little sister had in her back pocket that would crack him up at any moment…two simple words. “Penis wrinkle.”

Upon moving to Redway he quickly made friends and became an important part of the community. He volunteered for many local events through the Mateel Community Center and for the local fire departments. Chris made friends easily and would drop whatever he was doing to help a friend in need. He was a brilliant, fun, loving, and generous soul. He was known for his huge smile and his tremendous sense of humor. Chris loved to hunt, fish and work outdoors. His favorite place to fish was Shelter Cove and he never came home empty-handed. He was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and rooted for the SF Giants. He was an amazing chef and had a deep passion for food, both cooking and eating it. No one left the table hungry when he was cooking a meal. He loved road trips and enjoyed attending concerts. He was the world’s best dog dad to his two beloved labradors, Beretta and Voodoo.

Chris also had a deep passion for helping sick children and supporting the Humboldt County volunteer fire departments. During the 2020 and 2021 wildfires, he helped evacuate friends and strangers offering his trailers and trucks to help others safely evacuate while possibly having to evacuate himself. During fire season he would drive around with a cage tank of water and water pump ready to stop any new fires that started.

Chris met Mackenzie Dorn in June of 2019 while she was working at Dazeys. It took a month of flirting until he finally asked her on a date. From that first date on they were inseparable. They bonded quickly over their shared love of nature, Guns N’ Roses, food, dogs, attending community events, movies, comedy, and working hard. The two simply just fit into each other’s lives perfectly. Very early on in their relationship, Chris knew he had met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. He proposed in March of 2021 on her birthday and took her by complete surprise. They married on June 25, 2022 at the Dorn Family Ranch. They were married for one month and three days before his passing.

He is survived by his wife Mackenzie Dorn Lottie (Redway), his parents Rick and Vickie Lottie (Prosper, Texas), his sister Christy Lottie and husband William Ellis (Orinda), his uncles Raymond Lottie (Hawley, Minn.), Robert Lottie and his wife Elfi (Kailua, Hawaii), Dick Bossing (West Lafayette, Ind.), his mother and father in-law Lynn and Richard Dorn (Eureka), his sister-in-law Katie Dorn (Eureka) and several cousins.

A celebration of Christopher’s Life is planned for September 24th, 2022, in Redway at the Mateel Community Center. Please come and celebrate Chris and share your favorite stories of him and what he meant to you.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his name may be made to:

The Humboldt Area Foundation


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

Below is a link to the invitation for the Celebration of His Life event in Redway on September 24, 2022.


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