Map showing the proposed one-way sections of Eighth and Ninth | Images from the City of Arcata’s website


Arcata drivers and bicyclists will want to pay extra attention on Saturday morning, because the City of Arcata is holding a one-way traffic demonstration and pop up event, which will temporarily close one traffic lane on Eighth Street between K and J Streets. 

The demonstration is a part of the City’s proposed 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project, which would permanently convert 8th and 9th into one-way streets between F and K Streets. The two streets are already one way between F and I, with 8th traveling eastbound and 9th traveling westbound. This project, if approved, would simply extend the one way segments for two more blocks. 

The proposed change was one of the recommendations made by the Plaza Improvement Task Force in 2020 to help beautify and enhance safety on and around the Arcata Plaza. The task force determined that removing one traffic lane on these segments of Eighth and Ninths would enhance bicyclist and pedestrian safety by freeing up more space for other forms of travel. 

In addition to removing one traffic lane, the project proposes to add a bicycle lane, expand the sidewalk in some sections, add designated parking spaces  and add two raised intersections on J Street. 

Close up of Eighth Street plans. Top image show proposed bike lane in green. Lower image shows the proposed parking in light blue. Yellow shows the existing sidewalk.

The demo event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. The City encourages everyone to stop by to check out the information that will be available and to provide their feedback on the project. If you are unable to attend, you can find more information and take the survey by following this link. 

Whether you choose to participate in the event or not, just remember that you will only be able to travel east on Eighth Street between K and J during the event.

“Members of the community are encouraged to follow all safety directions and traffic control devices within the project area,”  Arcata’s Engineering Department said in a press release. “The department understands that lane closures can be stressful, but appreciates the community’s participation in this demonstration.”

Close up of Ninth Street plans. Bright blue shows proposed sidewalk expansions, yellow is the existing sidewalk, green is the bike lane and light blue is parking.