UPDATE, DEC. 22: A representative of the Mattress Recycling Council checks in with the Outpost to say that Caltrans erred when it said that futons would not be accepted at this event. In fact they are, said the representative.

Presumably this mistake was the result of ambiguous language on the Bye Bye Mattress’ FAQ. Under the heading “What types of mattresses and box springs are accepted for recycling?” we see the answer:

Futons: Except in California, a futon mattress is eligible, but the base is not.

This reporter — and presumably Caltrans — reads this as: “You can bring in a futon anywhere except for California, but don’t bring us the base.” But this representative assures us that its intended meaning is: “You can bring us futons anywhere, but if you’re in California don’t bring us the base.”

Also this representative would like to let you know that Bye Bye Mattress is a program of the Mattress Recycling Council.

— Ed.


Photo: Ian Abbott, via Flickr. Creative Commons license.

Press release from Clean California (Caltrans):

Caltrans is excited to announce a Clean California Dump Day in McKinleyville, providing an opportunity to dispose of unwanted mattresses and box springs free of charge.

The event will take place at Pierson Park in McKinleyville on Saturday, January 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. While mattresses and box springs will be accepted, it’s important to note that futons will not be accepted. [Lies. — Ed.]

Caltrans and Bye Bye Mattress are pleased to offer the community a convenient and cost-free solution to dispose of large items responsibly. This event helps residents clear out their homes, encourages environmentally conscious waste disposal practices, and reduces illegal dumping.

The event is made possible through the collaboration of Caltrans Clean California, McKinleyville Community Services District, Humboldt Moving and Storage, and the Mattress Recycling Council. Their support underscores a commitment to community well-being and environmental sustainability.

  • Who: McKinleyville residents
  • What: Clean California Dump Day (mattresses and box springs)
  • When: Saturday, January 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or until capacity is reached)
  • Where: Pierson Park, 1608 Picket Road, McKinleyville

Tips for securing your load:

Completely cover loads with tarps or cargo nets. Debris can escape from gaps.

  • Remove loose material and trash before driving.
  • Don’t overload – keep materials level with your truck bed.
  • Put light items lower, and tie large items to the vehicle for traffic safety.