What a great guy! Humboldt Last Week’s Myles Cochrane at Food for People, which is partially funded by Humboldt Last Week. Photo courtesy Humboldt Last Week.

Press release from Humboldt Last Week:

Humboldt Last Week, a podcast quickly showcasing our area’s most interesting news stories, has donated $500 to the local nonprofit Food For People.

“Food for People is exceptionally grateful to Humboldt Last Week for their support,” said Food For People Executive Director Carly Robbins. “More and more people are experiencing hunger and food insecurity locally as the costs of food and other life essentials are on the rise. It’s with the help of community members like Myles and Humboldt Last Week that we’re able to meet this increasing need by providing vital hunger relief programs across the county.”

“Food For People lives within the heart of our community,” said Humboldt Last Week host Myles Cochrane. “Their compassion is truly essential. Despite facing challenges in merch sales intended to bolster this donation, I was committed to supporting their invaluable efforts.”

You can read more about Food For People and donate via their website.

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