Left: a closeup of the Olson putter; Right: Scottie Scheffler using his Olson on the green at the Hero World Challenge | Photos/ video courtesy of Logan Olson


Scottie Scheffler, the world number one golfer, won the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas earlier this week. And though this would normally not be news of any particular interest to Humboldt, it turns out that the putter Scheffler used to secure his win was made by our own Logan Olson of Fortuna!

Reached by the Outpost, Olson said that after Scheffler and his team saw some of Olson’s pieces, they reached out to him to ask if he could make some putters for Scheffler. Needless to say, Olson excitedly jumped at the opportunity and after meeting up with Scheffler in September he began fabricating a perfect custom putter for the golf pro. 

“I’ve been working on options and tweaks for him since meeting,” Olson wrote in a message to Outpost late last week. “And it’s great to see him playing one this week at the Hero.” 

Olson custom-makes each of his putters, spending upwards of 200 hours on each piece. To fabricate Scheffler’s putter, Olson said he spent over 100 hours on programming alone to design the putter heads. Olson said that he worked through a few different design options before landing on something that Scheffler was ready to put into play. 

To get a better idea of the process, check out Olson’s short video showing him working on Scheffler’s putter:

Scheffler premiered his Olson putter at the Hero World Challenge, arousing interest in the golf world, with publications like and Golf Digest and Golf Magazine calling attention to Scheffler’s fancy new club . The buzz around the new putter only grew when Scheffler not only won the tournament, but also did very well in putting. Though Scheffler is the highest-ranking golfer in the world, his putting stats have been less impressive, ranking 142nd earlier this season, and some golf publications note that Scheffler’s putting has been worse the past two seasons

But this was not the case during the Hero tournament, where Scheffler finished sixth in putting, the best he’s performed in a while.

“He also, surprisingly, finished sixth in the 20-man field in putting,” Jack Hirsh wrote for Golf. “Had the Hero been an official event, it would mark the first time Scheffler had finished inside the top 10 in the statistic since his debut win at the 2022 WM Phoenix Open nearly two years ago.” 

Is it because of his sweet new Olson putter that Scheffler did so well on the green? Well, that would be hard to say. He did also hire a new putting coach, which probably helped too. 

Either way, Olson was thrilled for Scheffler’s win – the first time an Olson putter has helped secure a tournament win – and said that working with the pro golfer was a great experience. 

“He’s got incredible awareness and sensitivity to what he’s looking for,” Olson said. “He’s the best player in the world and he’s very in tune with everything going on. It’s been about creating a tool to add to what he’s already doing so well now, and not taking anything away.”