On January 10th, 2023 the world lost one of its brightest stars in Sherae Marie O’Shaughnessy. Children lost a mother, parents lost a daughter, siblings lost a sister and countless friends lost someone that they’ll never forget.

Sherae Marie Meyers was born on May 17th, 1985 and raised in Southern California. She moved to Eureka when she was 19 years old. She comes from a long line of celebrity family names and was the granddaughter of famous guitarist and Musicians’ Hall of Fame inductee Louie Shelton.

Sherae was a lot of things to a lot of people, all over the world. In Humboldt, many knew her as the voice on the radio that would take them home after work or wake them up in the morning while introducing you to artists you’d likely never heard before. She was the ruler of the airwaves for years but she was also the queen of the stand up comedy stage as well. Whether she was hosting an event, making the filthiest jokes ever on a show with her beloved “Ba-Dum-Cha” crew or giving a band their first break on “Late Night With Sherae,” she was always the star of any stage she stepped on. It was because of her talents, incredible personality, razor sharp wit, impeccable style and let’s be honest, very pretty face that she was able to claim the title, “The Most Famous Not-Famous Person In The World!”

Humboldt also gave her the most important thing in her life: her incredible daughter, Ivy Pearl. Sherae loved nothing and nobody more than she loved her Ivy. She often said that if the only great thing she ever did in this life was make Ivy, she could leave this place happy. Being a mother was the most important job in the world to her and, regardless of the demons she was fighting, she looked forward to every phone call, text message, hug, kiss, sushi date, pet shop trip, gift exchange and truly every second that she had with her Ivy. She looked forward to those as if each one of them were the most important moments of her life. Because to her, they were.

If there is anything that we can take away from losing Sherae, it’s this: Do things in life that bring you joy. Laugh at the joke. Listen to the music. Watch the movie. Get the tattoo and then get way more tattoos. Get the alfredo boat with the breadsticks and make your waiter grate the cheese for so long that they have to file for overtime. Hug those that you love and tell them often. Don’t waste any of the moments that you have with the ones that you love.

One thing that we can all cherish about Sherae is that our individual relationships with her were entirely unique. Many of us never knew the exact same version of Sherae and that was a thing that was actually special. It’s like we all had our own individual personal relationship with this amazing woman and formed memories that only we will have. Those memories are what we should hold onto and cherish as we move forward and live a life that she’d be happy to be a part of.

We should also remember that she fought very hard for a very long time. The thing that eventually took her away from us at the age of 37 is something that many people struggle with. So, in her memory, please know that you do not have to suffer in silence with addiction and mental illness. There is help out there and you do not have to fight alone. In the public eye, Sherae put on a strong face with an incredible smile. And sometimes, that was a mask. So if any of you are seeing this, grieving over this loss along with so many of us, please know that there is no weakness in asking for help. She’d have wanted you to heal and live a beautiful life free of pain.

Sherae’s final act of ultimate kindness was giving life to three people on her way out via organ donation. Her kidneys are now inside two people that get to live because of her decision. And her amazing heart, full of so much love for so many of you around the world, beats inside the chest of someone that gets to live longer now and hug the ones that they love yet again for even one more day. That final act is something that will live on through the lives of others and the lives they continue to touch.

And with that, Sherae Marie, we bid you a final farewell. The stage lights have been dimmed. The mic has been dropped. The suffering has stopped and the peace that you have wanted to feel for so long has finally arrived. You will be loved and missed forever. It’s time to leave the stage.

Survived by her beautiful daughter: Ivy Pearl O’Shaughnessy, her parents, Mark Meyers and Renee Donovan, Step-Parents Tim Donovan and Amy Meyers, Grandparents, Donna Meyers, Betty Sanchez and Louie & Donnie Shelton of Australia Siblings, Shiraz Shelton, Shelly Deguchi, Steven Meyers, Josh Meyers, Jake Meyers, Chris Donovan, Kyle Donovan, Ryan Donovan and Tammy Donovan and nieces, Amaya Rae, Marlie Rae, Taya Naomi and Kaley MaryJean. Nephews, Teijo Mark, Frank Dean and Colston JesseLee and countless amazing cousins, aunts and uncles. And her other mother until the very last moment, Lori Manodori. And finally, her adoring fans, her best friends Jonas Barnes, Danielle Dumond and Eva Hammel and finally all of her loyal friends from all over the world.

“The Final Late Night With Sherae” will be taking place on her Birthday, May 17th as a celebration of her life and her love of performing. We will be honoring her the best way that we know how: Telling filthy jokes and stories about our favorite, beautiful smartass.  This event  will be held at The Inn at 2nd & C, Grand Theater Ballroom beginning at 6 p.m. This event is open to the public. 


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