Photos: Andrew Goff.



Hundreds of students and community members gathered at the Cal Poly Humboldt quad today to protest the University’s recent announcement that on campus housing may not be available for second year students starting next semester.

“When I came here to Cal Poly Humboldt, I was super, super excited to join a core community,” Rubyana Ashman, a CPH freshman said to the crowd from a mic set up in front of the depot. “And honestly, I’m very disappointed that we came here … It’s ridiculous for the university to think they can promise us an education if they’re not going to give us housing.”

Freshman Ena C., one of the students who helped organize today’s rally, said that she fears that with the lack of housing on campus and in Arcata,  she might not have anywhere to live next semester.

“A lot of people — we don’t have a home to go to next year,” she told the Outpost. “So that would potentially mean dropping out or taking a semester off.”

Nat Cruz, a sophomore, told the Outpost that he is one of many students who doesn’t have a vehicle and that living off campus would make life much more difficult.

“I’m here because I’m really angry right now,” he said. “A lot of us are, because we don’t have anyplace else to live. A lot of us don’t have any mode of transportation. So if we’re living off campus, how are we going to get to and from [school]?”

More photos below. The rally is scheduled to run until 4 p.m. this afternoon.

A flyer with the students’ list of demands. Click to enlarge.