Sean Gendron and Phyllicia Korn

Humboldt County Drug Task Force release: 

On January 9, 2023, HCDTF Agents received information that 38 year old Phyllicia Korn was traveling from the Bay Area via Greyhound bus with a large quantity of fentanyl. Agents obtained a search warrant for Korn and the tent where is known to live in the Arcata area. At about 2030 hours, Agents observed Korn exit the Greyhound bus at the Arcata Bus Terminal. Upon searching Korn pursuant to the search warrant, Agents located approximately five ounces of suspected fentanyl.

Agents then responded to Korn’s tent to search for additional evidence pursuant to the search warrant. Upon arrival, Agent contacted 35 year old Sean Gendron inside the tent. Gendron was detained without incident. Upon a search of the tent, Agents located two firearms and a usable amount of suspected methamphetamine. Both Korn and Gendron were subsequently arrested on the following charges:

Phyllicia Korn:

-H&S 11352(a)- Transportation for sales of controlled substances
-H&S 11352(b)- Transportation of narcotics across three consecutive counties
-H&S 11351(a)- Possession for sale
-H&S 11364(a)- Possession of drug paraphernalia

Sean Gendron:

-H&S 11370.1(a)- Possession of controlled substances while armed
-H&S 11377(a)- Possession of controlled substances
-PC 29800(a)(1)- Felon is possession of a firearm
-PC 30305(a)(1)- Felon in possession of ammunition

Anyone with information regarding this case in encouraged to contact the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-267-9976.