Frank Aaron Henry, Jr. — Sonny Boy, Brother, Frank, Frankie, Spank, “D”, Tank —  whatever name you called him, he was a true friend. Frank was a much-loved son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, grandson and cousin.

Frank was a proud Yurok man who cared deeply for his family and friends. He lived his life the best way that he knew how. He didn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself and was always busy. In Wautec, he tried to keep an eye on his kooch, he always helped his Uncle Johnny with making sure he had enough wood on his porch, feeding Virg’s dogs when he was away, and always walking somewhere with the dogs, sister and brother. If you wanted to know where Frank was, all you had to do was look for those two dogs, they followed him everywhere.

Frank loved his job that he held since 2019 working for the Yurok Tribe with the restoration crew in Redding, Hornbrook, Orick, wherever they were, Frank enjoyed it. He was very proud of the work he was taking part in, and I could hear it in his voice when he would tell me his stories about what he was doing when he was working. Josh, Ona, Becca, Ben and crew, just know that he truly enjoyed working with you.

Frank really liked going play volleyball in Nixon these past few years … even if it meant listening to Phil razz him all night long. Phil loved to spike on Frank. When Frank would finally get a block in, the team would get especially loud, “ooooh, take that, Phil.”

He loved getting together with family to celebrate birthdays and just enjoyed everyone being together, trips to Vegas and wherever else his mama would drag him to. His Thursday trips to the Nugget with Rafael when he was in Nevada.

Frank was especially proud of his kids, Isaiah and Kaydence. He definitely thought they were the best of him, even when he thought he wasn’t the best of him at all times. He loved them with a grateful heart.

Frank was the younger brother of Bud, older brother of Lena, Kayla and Kayce. He accepted all of them for who they were and are and was happy for them. If he had any regrets, he never talked about them. Just know that if he thought of you as a friend, he had a lifelong loyalty to you.

Frank is survived by his son, Isaiah Hersey-Henry, and his daughter, Kaydence McCullough. He loved them both with all of his heart.

Frank Aaron Henry, Jr. was born in the early morning on March 6, 1983 and he left us on March 17, 2023. He leaves behind his broken-hearted mama, Jeraldine Magee, his father, Frank Henry, his one and only brother, Bud Henry, his 3 sisters, Lena, Kayla and Kayce Henry. His sister-in-law Louisa, brothers-in-law, Greg and Billy, and his Aunties and Uncles, Jeannette & Kenny, Jill, Jacki & Gus, Julia, Valerie, Vicky & Casey, Madeline, and Tanya. His cousins, Michelle and Mark Mix, Jillie Mix, Kage & Joseph Bain, Bert, Hannah & Holly Snyder, Ronald, Brian & Brandon Richards, Keta, Tashina, Vernon, & Charley, Jennifer, Shawna & Lisa, Sonny, Luci & Tanya.

Frank was proud to be an uncle and he loved his nieces and nephews. He thought it was pretty funny that he had a mini-me, Kenek Poe. He was immensely proud of his nephew Brandon Henry, who he was in the Marines, as that was a dream of Frank’s when he was young. Frank’s nieces and nephews are Brandon Henry, Louisa Henry, SyLenna, Dauwin and Kenek Poe, Ava and Gabe Salas, and his great-nephew, Andrew Henry.

Frank is survived by his two grandmothers, Darlene Magee and Kathleen Henry, and numerous relatives and friends.

Frank was preceded in death by his grandfathers, Gerald Magee and Elliott Henry, his uncle’s Mark Mix and Eldred Norris, his cousins, Ron, Kirks and To-Tehl.

I love you, son, and I will miss you for the rest of my life. You were loved and you will be missed by your family!

Services for Frank Henry Jr., will be at Paul’s Chapel on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 11 a.m. Bring your best dish and story for eats after the service at Awok Bonnie Green Building in Eureka from 2-5 p.m.

Frank was a good-hearted person; he always thought the best of people and lived his life like that. He never held a grudge, and he truly loved his family and friends. When he would hear about someone passing or something happening, he would say “I’m going to say prayers.” When he had something and others did not, he would share, always. People took advantage of that. They didn’t care that he was the only person who wasn’t judging them, and so to all of those people in Hoopa, the drug dealers, the losers who prey on people for their next fix, you know who you are, you took away this son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, cousin, loved friend, from the people who loved him. I hope you all rot in jail or hell, I don’t care which.


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