Michael Patrick Hanrahan
January 15, 1947 – March 1, 2023

If you have ever been regaled by a Michael Patrick Hanrahan (Grandpa Mike) story, joke, or memory, you are among the lucky. A gifted orator, whether it was a story you heard for the first or millionth time, he’d have you laughing none-the-less. Mike never met anyone who didn’t come away from the conversation wondering how “all of that” came from this small, feisty, solid man.

On March 1, 2023 Mike’s final story came to an end at 77 years old. After months of a hard fought battle trying to get his body to keep up with his witty, hysterical and brilliant mind he passed away quietly and painlessly with his daughter Leah by his side singing, “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” by John Denver.

Mike was raised in Eureka, a town he loved and to which he always returned. Mike lived in Eureka most of his life. He loved and took care of his mother, Mary Graham Filgas. His father, Mary’s first husband, Patrick Lloyd Hanrahan (Patricia Hanrahan), lived in New York and was not involved in Mike’s early years due to the distance. George Graham, Mike’s uncle, lovingly helped raise him, along with Mike’s Grandfather, until Mary married George Filgas when Mike was seven. Cathy and Jan Filgas were added to the family and Mike took the role of big brother very seriously. The girls were crazy about him. When George died unexpectedly at a young age, Mike assumed the very difficult role of caring for his family. He was only 22 and newly married but assumed the responsibility with great pride and care. Many happy summers were spent with them, as well as his cousins, at the family summer cabin that his grandfather built in Miranda.

Mike was a contractor by trade and if you ask his family and friends, he was the ultimate “tinkerer.” He will always be remembered as a hard worker who gave a hand up to many. He had so many projects going, he is probably the only one who knows where most of the “plans” are. If you know, you know.

Mike graduated from St. Bernard’s High School in 1964 where he got much of his material for his stories and jokes. He went on to the National Guard and then met his wife, Santa. Mike and Santa started HANCO Construction, then had their beloved daughter, Leah. Even though Mike and Santa divorced later, they remained friends and family through out the years. Mike later graduated from Humboldt State with a business degree and completed his first year of his MBA program.

Mike left his two daughters, Lisa Oleman (Kurt Oleman) and Leah Hanrahan-Gee (Kamara Gee) a legacy of a strong sense of family loyalty, laughter, hard work and wit. He showed both of his daughters unconditional love. Mike enjoyed traveling and spending time with them, with NASCAR trips being a favorite. The NASCAR crew knows who they are, and they held a special place in Mike’s heart, especially Billy “BK” Kadanka, his best friend.

His ultimate enjoyment came from being a part of his grandkid’s lives.

Ryan Nelson (Lisa’s son) and his wife Shannon (great grandkids Rose and Rowan) serve in the Navy and Mike could not be prouder of them. Mike served six years in the National Guard and always spoke about how his grandson serving in the military was an honor.

Jerome Gee (24), Ziamara Gee(17) and Amaya Gee (17), Leah and Kamara’s children, had the luxury of having Papi in their lives in Eureka and he filled it with laughter and devotion. He was known at various sporting events and had quite a colorful vocabulary, which tended to spark much laughter. When he was in the stands or at the field, you would know it by his ever-running commentary about how bad the officials were.

Jerome and Papi spent the last few months working on remodeling the “old family home” (it has housed four generations of the Graham family), and completing it was literally his dying wish. Jerome and Papi were an absolute comedy show whenever they were together, from cheating at UNO, to teasing the girls, to dating advice, to simple conversations about food and road trips, where they never admitted to how fast they drove.

Mike was a constant presence at any event big or small for his grandkids. He was able to attend the final senior nights for Ziamara and Amaya while also crashing his bonus granddaughter Trinity Preston’s senior night as well. He absolutely thought the sun and moon rose and set on his grandkids, and they felt the same about him. Ziamara was his princess and their silly looks to each other said it all. She could do no wrong in his eyes. Amaya and Papi always had an inside joke. Their dry wit made the two of them a force (and a lot of horse- power) of absolute hilarity. Papi was always in awe of Amaya’s dry wit as they were always trying to out do each other in that department.

Mike epitomized the phrase “he’d give you the shirt off his back.” His children and grandchildren witnessed numerous times this literally happened. Mike was a “Grandpa Mike” to many children throughout the county as he was very visible and involved in Leah and Kamara’s business supporting children in need.

The last few months and specifically the last few days would not have been possible to get through without Mike’s love, Helen Belloni. Helen brought so much joy to Mike’s life and their bond as soul mates was truly evident in the last days of his life. Thank you, Helen, for loving my dad and loving all of us along with him!

Mike is survived by:

His stepmother “mom”, Patricia Hanrahan.

His daughters and sons-in-law: Lisa Oleman (Kurt) and Leah Hanrahan-Gee (Kamara Gee)

His grandchildren: Ryan Nelson (Shannon), Jerome Gee, Ziamara Gee and Amaya Gee.

His great-grandchildren: Rose and Rowan Nelson

His siblings: Cathy Filgas (Shoaib Tareen), Jan Filgas and step brother Michael Welsch

His in-laws: Frank Perra (Caterina), Robert Perra (Anne), James Perra and Ovieda Elliott (Matthew)

Nieces and nephews: Bradley Brambani (great nieces and nephews Taylor, Kylee, Andrew and Nyexa Brambani), Cassandra Elliott (great niece Zoe Elliott), Sidra Tareen, Mikhiel Tareen

The Harris Family held such a special place in his heart; he thought of them as family. Jimmy, Erica, James Jr.,Kelly, Harleigh, Michael, Tiffany, Frederick, Caroline, Erica, Jennifer and Jack Harris. Know that he mentioned you all often and had a respect and love for you all; not all family has to be blood.

The family would like to thank: Shadie Aragon for always being available to check in on Grandpa Mike no matter what she had going on; she dropped everything to support him in whatever way he needed. She did this for years and always seemed to know what he needed and when.

The amazing staff at St. Joseph’s Acute Rehabilitation and the PCU crew at St. Josephs really did an amazing job of supporting Mike in his final days.

A wholehearted and gracious thank you to Natalia and Dr. Nelson from Palliative Care; the voices of reason to connect my mind and heart into accepting what dad wanted in his final days.

Mike requested a celebration of life to be held in his honor as opposed to traditional funeral services. Mike wanted food and stories and laughter. Please write down any stories to share with his family and friends. Knowing Mike, no stories are off limits as we gleefully never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. The celebration of life will be announced once the family home is ready for a party. In lieu of flowers or gifts, please donate to a veterans organization. He was passionate about homeless veterans deserving a safe home.


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