Jeffrey J. Krohn was born in Milwaukee on July 22, 1952; He passed over at the age of 70 on July 5, 2023, in Eureka.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Dorothy Krohn, and father, Jim Krohn. He is survived by his brother, Gary Krohn; nephew, Garrison Krohn; niece, Shayna Krohn; and his former wife, Kathleen Krohn.

As a young boy, Jeff was very adventurous; he loved the outdoors, crabbing, fishing, swimming, canoeing and snow-fort building. He attended Camp Sidney Cohen, participating in multiple canoe trips down the Wisconsin River from Boscobel, ending at Prairie Du Chien. He was a fun-loving, free spirit.

He attended high school at Norris Farms Boys Academy. He moved from Milwaukee to Eureka in 1990, where he lived at the Lighthouse Ranch. Then he became a born-again believer of the Judeo-Christian faith. His love for God’s Word, recalling and reciting scripture was an encouraging gift.

Jeff was an accomplished finishing carpenter, house painter, and interior decorator consultant. He loved animals and had a special intuitive language when he would speak to them, especially his cat, Jackson. He cherished fine antiques and many original paintings by local artists and friends such as David Hodes and John Wesa, which furnished his apartment he called his castle.

If you were with Jeff walking in any given city, small or large, when you turned around, he was gone. You would find him at the thrift store, Boys and Girls Club clothing, or Goodwill seeking out treasured vintage clothes.

He amassed a collection of vintage clothes of over 1,000 pieces, Birkenstock shoes, Doc Martin, western shirts, Carhartt, Gunne Sax Dresses, Pendleton, costume hats, and fedoras. You might’ve called him a master technician for discovering vintage clothing with value. He sold his collection in 2022 to a company in San Francisco.

Jeff was all about wit and humor. He always had these great one-liners and comebacks in playful conversation. His love for comedy in the movies was insightful. He would share whole comic sketches and dialogue guiding you to the movies and episode that made him laugh the most.

His knowledge of sports and sports athletes was captivating. He could recite most of the MVP players for most professional sports except golf and hockey. The Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Bucks were his favorites.

He loved to play basketball and would challenge you to a game of 21. If you weren’t up for a game of 21, he’d gladly shoot a round of eight-ball pool.

Jeff was a connoisseur of musical songwriters and entertainers. One of his true loves and God-gifted talents was writing lyrics and music. He composed over 20 songs. His collection of guitars was tremendous. Jeff recorded his first two songs in a small studio in Eureka in February 2016.


Written and composed by Jeffrey James Krohn:

He Finds Me

“Maker of the land Keeper of the sea, You are the answer to questions that some don’t believe.

As pure of the heart that ever will beat, You are the sweet, enduring fragrance I was born to breathe.

For all that I have done, the things I have done, He still loves me, the King of the world, Creator of all. He loves me.

He’s taking me on as a son and holding me in my lap in His palm, no matter how far I run, He finds me”.

In this world, Jeffrey will truly be missed with deep sadness by all his family and friends. We now celebrate his past life and his new life with his Heavenly Father who is welcoming Jeff to write music for the heavenly choir.


Jeffrey Krohn’s Memorial Celebration & Musical Concert

Honoring Jeffrey and his love of music

Eureka Theater

612 F Street, Eureka, California

Saturday November 18, 2023, show 6:30 /doors open 5:30 pm

Come and experience this exceptional dedication of these great musicians and bands as they honor Jeffrey’s memory with a tremendous musical gathering.


Huckleberry Flint

The Lighthouse Band Reunion

Garrison & musical guests

In lieu of flowers

All donations and ticket admissions

are being accepted in advance to defer the Memorial Celebration cost. All remaining proceeds will be donated to Redwood Adult & Teen Challenge.

This Memorial Celebration and Musical concert is a tribute to Jeffrey. His God-given talent to write and compose music was a significant part of his life and our purpose for this musical celebration.

His home at Redwood Adult & Teen Challenge for the last 12 months of his life inspired so many. Jeffrey’s family & friends are happy to celebrate Jeffrey’s life by donating to their cause.

Please help us with your donations go to: GoFundMe

For concert ticketing go to: Eventbrite

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating to this Memorial Celebration and Musical Concert. Jeff’s spirit transcended this realm with his musical talents. We will rejoice with him, like a choir of Angels.

The Krohn Family & Friends


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