David Josiah Lawson. File photo.

Press release from the Arcata Police Department:

On April 15, 2017, seven years ago this week, Humboldt State University sophomore student David Josiah Lawson was stabbed to death while attending a house party on Spear Avenue in Arcata. The Arcata Police Department continues to investigate this open murder case. Investigators continue to actively pursue leads and a 24-hour tip line remains open whereby information from confidential sources can be provided to APD investigators.

Witness accounts are essential to moving this case forward either by corroborating known information or in the development of new leads. Investigators are hopeful, that with the passage of time, witnesses that might have been reluctant in the past, might be willing to come forward now. It is imperative that those witnesses contact investigators to move this case forward.

Anyone with information regarding the murder of Josiah Lawson is asked to call the Arcata Police Department’s confidential tip line at (707) 825-2590 or APD Dispatch at (707) 822-2424. Eyewitness accounts of what led up to, and including the murder of Josiah are crucial to bringing this case back to court.