Trinity County Sheriff’s Office press release:

On Friday, April 12, 2024, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to potential skeletal human remains, in a wooded area of Mad River, CA. Deputies responded to the area and identified the remains as human, collecting the remains as well as items about the remains.

Although the investigation is in the preliminary phases, no signs of skeletal trauma were observed. The remains however shall be reviewed by Pathologists and a full autopsy conducted.

Evidence in the general area of the remains led to a potential identity for the individual. The family of this individual has been contacted, just to advise them of the situation and the potential that the located individual was their family member.

DNA testing shall be used to confirm the identity, and once a positive identity as well as a cause of death are obtained, further press releases will be issued.

Although the matter remains under investigation, the Sheriff’s Office does not believe that the matter presents any danger to the public.