The morning after. Video/photos: Andrew Goff

UPDATED, 12:06 p.m.:

Cal Poly Humboldt issued the following press release, which notes that three protesters were arrested last night and a second building has been occupied.

Protestors continue to occupy Siemens Hall, an academic and administrative building on the campus of Cal Poly Humboldt.

Three protesters were arrested overnight stemming from the occupation and confrontation with law enforcement both inside and outside the building. 

Dozens of protestors remain inside Siemens Hall. Through the evening, they barricaded every entrance to the building with furniture, creating a hazardous situation for protestors inside. 

An unknown number of students have occupied another building in the area.

The University is concerned about the safety of the students who remain in the building, and has been  asking the students to remain open to dialogue around a peaceful resolution. 

The University supports free speech through open dialogue that is respectful and constructive. There are many avenues and options to express views that don’t involve disrupting operations and vandalizing campus, which interferes with the campus community’s rights to a safe and peaceful environment. 

University police continue to closely monitor an evolving situation. The University has had strategic meetings with law enforcement and fire officials about the health and safety of those barricading themselves inside the building.

The campus community is advised to avoid the area of the building.

On Monday night, the University announced that the campus will be closed through Wednesday, April 24 for the safety of the campus community. Buildings are locked down and limited campus services, such as Dining, are available.

At 4:50 p.m., University Police received reports of dozens of protesters occupying the first and second floors of Siemens Hall.

Classes in Siemens Hall were canceled. Students and faculty of five courses that were in progress and employees inside were evacuated. The building was shut down after protesters began disrupting classes and University operations, and vandalizing University property.

They blocked entrances and elevators with tents and at one point shut doors using chains and zip ties at various locations, violating fire codes and creating extreme safety hazards for those inside. Protestors were given multiple warnings and opportunities to exit the building voluntarily.

Those who are able to work remotely have been directed to continue to do so. In-person classes and activities are transitioning to remote where possible. Instructors are posting course updates online.


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Video by Ryan Hutson/Humboldt Freelance Reporting.




The campus of Cal Poly Humboldt remains closed Tuesday morning following yesterday’s major pro-Palestinian student demonstration and occupation of Siemens Hall. A massive response from multiple regional law enforcement agencies eventually led to the violent confrontation seen in the video above.

Photos: Andrew Goff.


A message posted to the university website says, “The campus will continue to be closed through Wednesday, April 24 for the safety of the campus community as protestors continue occupying Siemens Hall. Buildings are locked down and key cards will not work.”

It’s unclear how many students are inside, but since last night the entrances to Siemens Hall have been barricaded, as seen in the photos below.


At least one protester was arrested at the scene last night by the Cal Poly Humboldt University Police Department and booked into jail for resisting arrest and trespassing.

The people behind the Instagram account @humboldtforpalestine posted the following statement this morning:

Calling on all students and community members! The occupation by Cal Poly Humboldt students is still ongoing and they need your support. Yesterday they and those showing up to be witnesses were met with violence by UPD and APD. This is a peaceful protest and the students would like it to stay that way. Our collective community power demanded the police to leave and they did. Let’s continue to show up to protect these students as they demand that Cal Poly Humboldt divest from “israeli” occupation and the ongoing genocide. Go to the campus as soon as you can!

Student demands:

We will not negotiate us leaving until they divest. After that is met, then we will have further demands. But we are not leaving or moving or talking until they have completely divested from israel.

Keep the momentum going, but stay focused. The liberation of Palestine is the focal point of this work at this time. Divest, sanction, embargo “israel.” Free Palestine from the river to the sea.

*to be clear, this was not a protest organized by Humboldt for Palestine, but is an organic CPH student organizing movement. We are a trusted community collective of organizers for amplifying their demands.

[CLARIFICATION: The person/people behind the @humboldtforpalestine Instagram account are not formally involved in the protest and occupation, as explained in a post from Tuesday evening, which read, in part, “While we stand in solidarity with the students of CPH who have taken this action, we want to make it clear that Humboldt for Palestine was not a part of the planning or execution of this action, and that we do not represent or speak on behalf of this student led movement.]

Graffiti on the Van Duzer Theatre.


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