The California Faculty Association is running a “teach-in” on the Cal Poly Humboldt quad today. Photo: Ryan Burns.

Press release from Cal Poly Humboldt:

Protestors continue to occupy Siemens Hall, plus another building at Cal Poly Humboldt. Campus will now be closed through the weekend, and work and instruction continue to be remote. The University is making various contingency plans, including possibly keeping campus closed beyond that. The safety, health, and wellbeing of our students is paramount as the situation has become increasingly complex. There are unidentified non-students with unknown intentions, in Siemens Hall. This creates an unpredictable environment. In addition, all entrances to the building are barricaded, creating a fire hazard. Adding to health and safety concerns, many toilets are no longer working.

The occupation of Siemens Hall causes complex operational challenges that require the closure of other facilities on campus. In particular, there is a risk of other buildings being occupied, as protestors have shown a willingness to enter unlocked buildings and either lock themselves in or steal equipment. The occupation is also having a negative impact on other students, who are trying to complete classes at the end of the semester. Campus officials are communicating with protestors and continuing to encourage them to leave as soon as possible.

As protestors have been told, the continued occupation of the building is causing the ongoing closure of other campus facilities. Upcoming activities and events are being canceled, while other important events such as IdeaFest are in question.

In recent days, hateful graffiti has been painted on university property. The University condemns in the strongest terms all forms of hatred, bigotry, and violence. Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, hatred, and bigotry in all forms have no place at Cal Poly Humboldt. The University is actively offering support to all students and has been in touch with local Jewish community leaders.

The University supports free speech through open dialogue that is respectful and constructive. That does not include behavior that involves destroying and damaging property, and disrupting students, faculty, and staff from learning, teaching, and working. Everyone deserves to be in an environment where everyone can feel safe, included, and respected.

Numerous laws have been broken, including resisting arrest, destroying and damaging property, criminal trespass, and more.

Multiple local, state, and federal agencies are providing additional resources and support.

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