We’ve posted about it before, but here’s a friendly reminder: From 8 p.m. tonight to about mid-day Sunday,  Fernbridge is going to be closed for repairs. Here’s Caltrans’ announcement:

This means that if you absolutely have to get to/fro the other side of the river, you’re probably going to want to get acquainted with Rio Dell’s Blue Slide Road. Here, for example, is an alternative route into Ferndale when coming from Eureka:

As you can see, this is probably going to cost you a little more time and effort than it normally would. But you do get to see some pretty country!

And the folks at Ferndale Rep feel your pain. There are still a few seats left for the final weekend of A Gentleman’s Guide to Murder, and if you use code DETOUR at checkout you’ll get $3 off your ticket purchase. Buy here. Act now! (UPDATE: Tonight’s performance, at least has been canceled! Apparently for non-bridge-closure reasons. See here. Thanks to the reader who called this in.)