Photo: submitted anonymously

Filming for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie — known only as “BC Project,” for now — continued in Humboldt County on Monday. Traffic and pedestrians were allowed controlled passage past the day’s filming location in front of the Murphy’s Market in Cutten and more than a few people captured some imagery of a hippied out Leonardo DiCaprio rushing to a pay phone as part of one scene.

Video above and photos below courtesy Kari Helgeson

Humboldt resident Kari Helgeson passed along the clip above and told us the production was “very organized.” She said the crew “guided us out of filming range but made sure we could still see.  Everyone watching was very respectful as well. Nice to see.”

Law enforcement vehicles emblazoned with “Baktan Cross Police Department” decals were also scene patrolling the area. 

Anderson’s movie has been shooting throughout the county for the last couple of weeks with many locals taking on roles as extras. Filming is set to continue in Northtown Arcata tomorrow. 

Above: Paul Thomas Anderson and Leonardo DiCaprio in Eureka