Message from Northern Humboldt Union High School District Superintendent Roger Macdonald:

June 21, 2024

Good afternoon Arcata High School Community,

Please join me in welcoming Kristin Ferderber as the Arcata High School Principal effective July 1, 2024. Ms. Ferderber has made Humboldt County a regular family vacation spot for years and is excited to make it her home.

Kristin Ferderber. Photo via the Spreckles Union School District.

I want to thank the screening and interview committee that helped make this important decision. Our team was made up of fourteen faculty, staff and administrators and one very involved parent. All made important contributions along the way and were in consensus in recommending Ms. Ferderber.

Ms. Ferderber stood out with her confidence, personality and experience. She was able to answer all of our questions with examples of how she has led and taught in the past. Her references all shared that she displayed the same “can do” attitude that we saw in her two interviews and confirmed that she does have the varied and exceptional skills that we witnessed.

Ms. Ferderber has just completed the school year as a middle school principal in Salinas. She has also served as a high school Dean of Students and taught high school English, ELD, Journalism and Leadership. As you might expect, she also took on leadership roles such as Department Chair and WASC Coordinator.

Ms. Ferderber was able to join our admin team earlier this week for some of our professional development and was able to meet some Arcata High staff as well. I will work with her on a transition to our District, which will include extensive onboarding over the summer. Ms. Ferderber is looking forward to engaging with our community and we will have events planned starting in August for you to meet, greet and get to know her.

I am grateful for the feedback and encouragement that I have received from so many of you and am impressed with all of the work being done to end the year on a positive note across the District as we prepare for the coming school year.

Wishing you all the very best over the summer holiday.

Roger Macdonald