Photos by Isabella Vanderheiden


Humboldt kicked off the Redwood Pride Summer Festival this morning with a vibrant parade through Old Town Eureka. A group of about 150 people, adorned in all the colors of the rainbow, marched along Waterfront Drive from the Adorni Center to Madaket Plaza, waving LGBTQ+ flags, blowing bubbles and cheering.

“It’s been a great month so far,” Laine Cohen, an organizer with Redwood Pride, told the Outpost just before the parade began. “The mood is good today. Everybody’s looking chipper. We’re hoping the fog will burn off and it will be a great festival.”

And would you look at that! Sunny skies in Eureka.

The Redwood Pride Festival will continue throughout the day with festivities at the Jefferson Community Center this afternoon and performances at Synapsis later this evening. A complete list of events can be found here.

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