Press release from the Trinidad Rancheria:

On March 19, 2024, the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria (Trinidad Rancheria) Tribal Council approved a resolution opposing offshore wind, expressing support for the National Congress of American Indian’s (NCAI) resolution requesting a moratorium on offshore wind energy development, and urging the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to halt all scoping and permitting for offshore wind projects. The Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe located on the Pacific coast of Northern California in Humboldt County. The Trinidad Rancheria has ancestral ties to the Yurok, Wiyot, Tolowa, Chetco, Karuk and Hupa peoples.

While they share similar cultural and historical traditions, each tribe has a distinct heritage. The Rancheria is within the aboriginal territory of the Yurok peoples with an ancestral territory which includes the Pacific coastline from Damnation Creek, south to Little River and is located in an area of great cultural significance to the Trinidad Rancheria and other local tribes. The Trinidad Rancheria is situated on a bluff overlooking the Trinidad Bay, an area of Special Biological Significance and the Tribe has a longstanding commitment to the stewardship of its ancestral coastal and marine environments. The Tribe is inextricably connected to the marine environment and continues to be involved in several marine initiatives to foster responsible and sustainable stewardship, healthy and diverse ecosystems, as well as preserve and protect tribal rights within our marine waters.

The Trinidad Rancheria stands in solidarity with other local Tribes in opposition of offshore wind projects until there is shared tribal jurisdictional authority over, and tribal management of, offshore renewable energy activities. There is insufficient scientific research on the adverse impacts associated with the floating wind turbines and platforms, the effects to marine life from the subsea transmission cables and the overland transmission lines, and there has been minimal effort to consult with Tribes on this project that would have massive impacts on our ancestral lands and waters. We have significant concerns regarding the impact to view shed from sacred cultural sites and the impacts to the cultural landscape overall. Additionally, this project is not benefiting the local community and instead asks us yet again, to sacrifice our cultural and marine resources for the benefit of communities far from home.

The Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Council strongly urges the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to halt all scoping and permitting for offshore wind projects until completion of a comprehensive and transparent procedure adequately protecting Trinidad Rancheria environmental and sovereign interests is developed and implemented.

Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Council Resolution TC-24-07 attached for reference.