It is with profound sadness and a shattered heart that we announce the passing of loving wife, mother, friend, and soulmate Erin Diana Jarvis-Nessier. Our princess passed on January 2, 2024, peacefully cradled within the arms of her husband, may God rest her soul. Her son, Beau, was also present, outside amongst her beloved forest.

Erin wore many earthly hats, but even on the darkest of days she never lost her resounding faith. Like the warrior she was, Erin fought her own battles with the same tenacity and personal drive she exhibited in every other area of her life, encompassed with immeasurable love and strength.

Erin was born in Redwood City, California, to parents Elwood and Sylvia Jarvis, on April 23, 1960. After graduating college, she succeeded in a plethora of professions. From full charge bookkeeper and office manager, to certified advanced veterinary technician and surgical assistant- she even spent time training police K-9s for several Bay Area and state law enforcement agencies. Erin was raised under the wing of her brother, Kevin Jarvis, who painstakingly took the time to teach her how to play a guitar. Erin was a wonderful musician, also blessed with a beautiful voice.

Up until being diagnosed with inoperable terminal cancer, Erin energetically swam several miles per day in an open water facility for her own enjoyment. She also rode her beautiful horse Rio, always trailed by her loving doggies Manley and Zipper. Nobody can sit a horse quite like Erin Jarvis. Nobody. She had a genuine love for all animals, especially rescues such as her beloved canines.

Erin will be remembered far into the future as the sole custodian of her forest. Her forest companions were her German Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, and the two ravens whom she had mastered the ability to communicate with. Erin was an avid nature enthusiast, as all those who knew her can attest. Erin brought with her a piercing light of love and warmth for all to share within. She had envisioned opening up her forest to kids of all ages, wanting to create an environment in which to teach the mysteries of coastal forests and the survival skills she had mastered.

Our princess’s difficult six-year battle with cancer and the staggering physical and mental challenge of her diagnoses with breast, spinal, and liver cancer is now through. Erin is now forever home with our Heavenly Father. Throughout this upsetting period of constant pain, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, it was still not uncommon to find Erin wandering the trails throughout her forest, marking damaged trees for removal or treatment.

Erin was at home on her John Deere 6320, just as capable on the machine as she was at being the prettiest girl at the symphony. Being a country girl was a way of life for Erin. She was also a champion for those in need, carrying a special place in her heart for those going without. She knew how to make people laugh at themselves, even total strangers. Erin’s life reflected everything that was good, right, and true. Our little Irish Girl time and time again advocated for her little family, as they weathered many unforeseen challenges, disappointments, and times of sadness. She just as openly embraced the victories, giving each of her loved ones undivided attention without hesitation. Erin’s devotion was unconditional.

So dearly missed will be her many nicknames for her husband, Robert. But the memories of these names (Handsome Head, Weedhopper, Pok√©mon), still warm our hearts. Erin was Robert’s greatest joy, strength, his greatest blessing in life — taken too soon. Erin’s last words, delivered to her husband, were, “I love you so much.”

In this time of immense grief and sorrow, we are so grateful for the outpouring of love from friends, family, and everyone else in the community that has reached out and offered their support. Erin gave us all many cherished memories, a gift that will endure long after she has left this world. Erin firmly believed that we live in a compromised world. But she also believed the world was a place of profound beauty, wonder, adventure, and true compassion. Above all else, Erin carried an unwavering belief in the written word and promises of our Heavenly Father. Our lives will never ever be the same without Erin Diana Jarvis-Nessier.

Erin is survived by her Handsome-Head husband Robert, her loving son Beau Jarvis, brother Kevin Jarvis, and many nieces, nephews, and good friends.

Our family would like to express our deep thanks to the following persons and institutions for caring so deeply for our Little Irish Princess. A gracious heartfelt thanks to the Hospice of Humboldt, Dr. Connie Basch, Dr. Dosten MacDonald, Sandy and Barb from the oncology suite, Laurie Ervin and Ray, Rob and Sheri Gurney, Dr. Tony Anagnoston, Dr. Abdali and Dr Crabtreee, Dr. Elie Richa, Dr Howard Fellows, Dincy Corning, Keith Wininger of Wininger Farms, Travis Harmon, Josh and Leath Maveety, Mike Osborne, Dr. Marshall of UCSF Oncology, Andrew Livolsis, Pastor Dennis Murray, Jim and Ida Lowe, and Katie and Miriam Wheeler. We know there are many, many to thank for custodianship of Erin during this journey not listed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

An outdoor celebration of life planned, regardless of weather, for April 20, 2024, noonish to lights out. The celebration may include spreading of ashes, light trail work, and the planting of redwoods, accompanied by love, fellowship, and good vibes. A favorite dish or beverage is welcome. You can contact Robert via email at Ayers Family Cremations is handling all funeral arrangements. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Sequoia Humane Society or another charity of your choosing will honor Erin’s memory. God Bless you all.

“We Shall Pass this way on Earth but once. If there is any kindness we can show, or good art we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again.” -Stephen Greer


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