Major demolition operations in full swing at Loleta’s old creamery building, long the small Eel River Valley town’s most recognizable structure. Outpost readers may recall that the massive brick building suffered major damage in the December 2022 earthquake and it was quickly deemed unsalvageable. It last housed creamery operations in 2010. 

Of course, any mention of the Loleta creamery building in front of longtime Humboldtians is bound to prompt a proud regurgitation of the structure’s slight importance in cinema history: Scenes for the forgettable 1982 film Halloween III: Season of the Witch were filmed there. Sadly, the Humboldt “Map of the Movies” will now need to be updated. 

There has been no public mention of how the site may be used in the future once the site is cleared.

Below you’ll find some photos of the Loleta creamery building’s deconstruction. 

The section of building that collapsed in the 2022 earthquake

The creamery building reimagined as ‘Silver Shamrock Novelties’ for Halloween III