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Arcata Planning Commission
Feb. 14, 2023, 6 p.m.


A. Land Acknowledgment

B. Roll Call



A. Minutes of Jan 24, 2023 6:00 PM



A. 4105 : Discuss the General Plan Update with Emphasis on the Land Use and Growth Management Element Updates

At the Planning Commission meeting on February 14, 2023, staff will present a report on updates to the Land Use and Growth Management Elements of the City's General Plan. These proposed modifications are intended to strengthen existing principles, goals, and policies related to infill housing development. The Commissioners may provide feedback and direction to staff. These modifications have implications for policy and environmental impacts, and an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared for the overall Infill Program.

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The Planning Commission meeting room was buzzing with anticipation as the members of the commission settled into their seats. A hush descended over the room as the Director of Community Development, David Loya, stepped to the lectern.

"Thank you all for coming today. As you know, we are here to discuss the General Plan Update, with an emphasis on the Land Use and Growth Management Element Updates. As you will find in your packets, staff recommends that the commission receive a staff report, consider public comment; and provide direction to staff as necessary."

David began to detail the proposed updates to the Growth Management and Land Use Elements, pointing out the tracked changes versions of these Elements, as well as the Land Use map with amendments that were incorporated into the Land Use Element. He explained the implications of the proposed modifications and the potential impact it could have on the city.

The room seemed to be in a trance as David outlined the policy updates, from infill opportunity zones, to mixed use commercial centers, to industrial areas, and allowed residential densities.

He finished his presentation with a reminder that comments from the Planning Commission were requested in advance and now it was time to hear from the public. He invited anyone who wanted to comment on the Elements to step forward.

The first person to step forward was an older woman who identified herself as a local farmer. She spoke passionately about her concerns that the proposed changes would lead to the destruction of Arcata's greenbelt and working agricultural lands.

A chorus of murmurs rose up from the crowd as the woman finished her statement. David stepped back to the lectern and thanked the woman for her comments. He then opened the floor up to additional comments and questions.

As the room filled with the sound of debate, David stood silently and watched as the discussion progressed. He knew that whatever decision the commission made today would have a profound impact on the future of Arcata.

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Staff ReportA. Growth Management ElementB. Land Use ElementC. Land Use MapD. Commission Comments


1. 4104 : Consider Planning Commission Minutes Format and Level of Detail

The Planning Commission is considering the level of detail to include in their meeting minutes. They are discussing if the minutes should include a list of the major topics public commenters made in the meeting or if they should provide less detail. They will vote on a policy to guide staff in preparing the minutes.

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Are you ready to make your voice heard in your community? The Planning Commission is holding a meeting on February 14th to discuss the level of detail in their minutes and how it reflects public comments! Join the discussion and help make your voice heard. This is your chance to make a difference in your community. Be there and make sure your voice is heard!

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