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It’s GATEWAY DISTRICT Night Again at the Arcata Planning Commission

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Good Arcata Planning Commission meeting tonight for people interested in the city’s Gateway Area Plan — that great big proposed rezone of the mostly industrial land west of the town center.

The commission will first hear from the Arcata Fire District about that agency’s public safety and firefighting concerns around the densification of Arcata as a whole, including in the Gateway. The fire district has previously expressed some concern about the town’s quick growth, a lot of which has been prompted by the Cal Poly Humboldt transformation.

Then the commission will talk about the “community benefit” program associated with the Gateway Area Plan. What’s this program? It’d allow future developers in the Gateway a “streamlined pathway” to building permits and the like in exchange for that developer agreeing to provide certain amenities that the city deems desirable. The commission has a list of benefits they’d like to see — including public parks, arts spaces, architectural considerations and etc. — and the goal tonight is to rank their importance.

Then the commission will step back and talk more broadly about land use regulations in connection with the city’s general plan update.

The Arcata Planning Commission meets at 6 p.m. at Arcata City Hall — 736 F Street, Arcata. Zoom/YouTube instructions here. Full agenda below.

Map of the Gateway Area.

Arcata Planning Commission
Jan. 10, 2023, 6 p.m.


A. Land Acknowledgment

B. Roll Call



A. Minutes of Nov 8, 2022 6:00 PM

B. Minutes of Nov 15, 2022 4:00 PM

C. Minutes of Dec 13, 2022 6:00 PM




1. 4074 : Arcata Fire Department Presentation Related to Infill Upzoning and Fire Services

The Arcata Fire Department will be giving a presentation to the Planning Commission about fire and public safety services in relation to potential infill upzoning. The Commission will receive information from the Fire Department, listen to public comment, and provide feedback or comments as needed. This is an opportunity for the Commission to consider how growth in the City may require new measures for public safety.

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… or, as a Robert Burns poem!

Nae mair a wailin' dirge we'll sing
But raise a joyous ane,
Tae hear the Arcata Fire's ring
Aboot their plannin' plan.

A presentation tae the lads an' lasses
Afore this meetin' braw,
Will bring the Fire Department's masses
An' hap tae guide us a'.

The quest tae hae a safe abode
For each an' every ane
Will guide us doon a happy road,
The likes of which we've never seen.

The plannin' plan, wi' a' its force
Will be our surety stane;
Let us embrace it wi' nae remorse
An' bid farewell tae woe an' wae.

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportCOA PlanCO_FINAL

2. 4076 : Consider the Community Benefits Program Associated with the Gateway Area Plan

The Planning Commission is considering a community benefits program associated with the Gateway Area Plan. This program would incentivize development projects and provide the public with benefits that match the scale of the project and implement the community's values and vision. Examples of these benefits include parks, trails, arts scenes, and fee programs for conservation easements. The Commission's goal is to establish which benefits should be incentivized, how to rank them, and how they will be connected to the community's vision.

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… or, as a scene from a thriller!

The room was tense as the Planning Commission gathered for the meeting. Everyone was aware that the discussion to come would be of great importance to the future of the community. As the chair of the meeting, David Loya, Director of Community Development began to speak, all eyes were on him.

"Good morning everyone, thank you for being here today. We are gathered to discuss the Community Benefits Program associated with the Gateway Area Plan. As you know, this plan includes a streamlined pathway for projects that meet the requirements of the Form-Based Code, provide moderate to high density housing, and provide amenities through a community benefits program. We need to decide which items should be considered community benefits worthy of incentivizing development in our community, and how to rank those benefits in terms of the value they bring to the community."

He continued, "What are community benefits? In essence, a feature of a project that the public generally agrees benefits the community. As you know, we have discussed many benefits, including parks, trails, the arts scene, energy conservation, and alternative transportation. We need to decide which of these should be recognized as community benefits, and how to rank them in terms of their value to the community."

The Commissioners began to discuss the matter, debating the merits of each benefit and how to rank them. As the conversation grew more intense, the tension in the room increased. Everyone was aware of the importance of the decisions they were making and the impact it would have on the future of the community. After a few hours of intense discussion, the Commissioners finally reached a consensus and agreed on a ranking system for the community benefits program. The meeting adjourned, and all the Commissioners left feeling a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they had just made a major contribution to their community.

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Staff ReportPlanning Commission Form Based Code Exercise 11-16-2022

3. 4073 : Land Use and Growth Management Element Updates

At the Planning Commission meeting on January 10, 2023, staff will review the Land Use and Growth Management Elements of the 2020 General Plan, which will modify existing policy language to promote infill development, protect environmental and agricultural resources, and encourage efficient development patterns, among other things. Public comment will be received and questions and guidance will be provided to staff.

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… or, as a Rodney Dangerfield joke!

Q: What did Rodney Dangerfield say about the Planning Commission meeting?

A: "I just heard about the Planning Commission meeting - I don't get no respect!"

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Staff ReportAttachment A. Growth Management ElementAttachment B. Land Use ElementAttachment C. Land Use Map

4. 4075 : Approve the Planning Commission 2022 Annual Report

The Planning Commission is recommending approval of their annual report to be presented to the City Council on January 18, 2023. The draft report is attached for review and discussion. The Chair or Vice Chair of the Planning Commission is usually the representative to present the report.

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… or, as a Brazilian carnival song!

Verse 1:
Vamos celebrar o carnaval
Nosso futuro esta a caminho
A comissão de planejamento
Prepara o relatório deste ano

Vamos lá, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá
Vamos celebrar, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá

Verse 2:
Discutamos, vamos todos unidos
O relatório está ligado ao plano
O representante levará as notícias
Ao conselho, não se esqueça

Vamos lá, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá
Vamos celebrar, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá

Verse 3:
Vamos juntos ao conselho
Eles nos ouvirão com carinho
Vamos compartilhar o relatório
E celebremos o carnaval!

Vamos lá, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá
Vamos celebrar, vamos lá
É carnaval, vamos lá

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportA. PC 2022 Annual Report



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