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Eureka City Council
Nov. 21, 2023, 6 p.m.


1. Law Enforcement Records & Professional Staff Day Proclamation





1. Metropole Siding and Window Rehabilitation Historic Preservation Review Appeal

This is a summary of a city council meeting agenda for students in tenth grade. The meeting is about an appeal regarding the preservation of a historic building in Eureka. The property owner wants to replace the windows on the south-facing side of the building, but the Historic Preservation Commission wants the wooden windows to be repaired instead. The council will hold a public hearing and make a decision on whether to allow the replacement of the windows. They will also discuss the fiscal impact and consider the city's goals for preserving historic buildings. The staff recommends modifying the Commission's decision to allow the replacement of the windows. The applicant has explored different options for materials, but the cost of restoring the wooden windows is much higher than replacing them with vinyl windows. The staff believes that replacing the windows with vinyl would not significantly change the appearance of the building and would still preserve its historic character.

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… or, as a fantasy story!

Once upon a time in the magical city of Eureka, the Metropole Building stood tall and proud, its classic revival design captivating the attention of all who passed by. The year was 2023, and the city council was abuzz with a matter concerning the preservation of this historic structure.

The city's assistant planner, Millisa Smith, presented the appeal of the Metropole Siding and Window Rehabilitation Historic Preservation Review to the council. The property owner, Evo Fanucchi, had requested permission to replace windows and siding on the south-facing façade. The building was constructed in 1903 and held significant value as it was included on the Local Register of Historic Places.

The Historic Preservation Commission had initially approved the project with a condition to repair the wooden window sashes instead of replacing them. This decision had not sat well with the property owner, Dave Gaddis, who lodged an appeal with the city council. He believed the wooden sashes should be replaced with double-pane vinyl windows to match the original measurements.

Due to the appeal, it was now up to the city council to reach a resolution. City staff recommended holding a public hearing and modifying the condition to remove the requirement for window sash repairs. Instead, they proposed that any repairable wooden sashes be stored and eventually used for window replacement on other parts of the building.

The city council reviewed the details of the appeal and meticulously scrutinized the original condition set by the commission. While they understood the significance of preserving the historic character of the building, they also empathized with the financial limitations faced by the property owner. After much deliberation, they decided to sustain the commission's approval but modify the condition to allow for window replacement with vinyl sashes.

The council believed that as long as the appearance of the façade remained unchanged and any repairable sections were retained for future use, the essential form and integrity of the historic property would be preserved. They also emphasized the importance of adhering to the Secretary of the Interior's standards for rehabilitation.

With the modified condition in place, the property owner was finally granted permission to proceed with the project. The Metropole Building would undergo a transformation, maintaining its historical significance while embracing the practicality of modern materials.

As the construction commenced, the city of Eureka eagerly watched the changes taking place. The sound of hammers echoing through the streets became a symphony of progress in the eyes of the citizens. They marveled at the preservation efforts and eagerly anticipated the grand unveiling of the renovated Metropole Building.

Years passed, and the Metropole Building stood as a testament to the city's commitment to preserving its rich history. The vinyl window sashes sparkled under the sunlight, seamlessly blending with the building's classic design. Passersby admired the sight, appreciating the balance between tradition and practicality.

The magical city of Eureka had once again triumphed, harmonizing the old and the new with grace and reverence. The Metropole Building would forever be a symbol of the city's dedication to its past and its optimism for the future. And so, the story of the Metropole Siding and Window Rehabilitation Historic Preservation Review became a chapter in the Chronicles of Eureka, reminding all who read it of the city's enduring spirit and unwavering commitment to heritage.

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Staff ReportAttachment 1 - City Council ResolutionAttachment 2 - Appeal of the HPC decision filed by applicantAttachment 3 - HPC Resolution 2023-13 adopted November 1, 2023Attachment 4 - Staff Addendum Memo for November 1, 2023 HPC meetingAttachment 5 - Comment Letter from applicant for November 1, 2023 HPC meetingAttachment 6 - Staff Addendum Memo for October 4, 2023 HPC meetingAttachment 7 - Comment Letter from applicant for October 4, 2023 HPC meetingAttachment 8 - Orignal HPC Staff ReportAttachment 9 - Blue Ox Milworks quoteAttachment 10 - Mad River Woodworks quoteAttachment 11 - Valey Lumber and Milwork quoteAttachment 12 - Schmidbauer Building Supply quote


1. Council Minutes

2. New Classification: Parking Enforcement Officer – Ful Time

The Eureka City Council is considering adding a new full-time position for a Parking Enforcement Officer to the City's Classification and Compensation Plan. This position will work within the Public Works Department in the Code Enforcement Division. The recommendation is to adopt this new classification into the City's plan, with no additional budget needed as the funds generated by the position will cover the cost. The Parking Enforcement Officer will work closely with the existing code enforcement team and can potentially lead to career advancement opportunities in code enforcement. Existing code enforcement staff will also receive training in parking enforcement.

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… or, as a Pokemon duel!

Title: New Classification: Parking Enforcement Officer Duel

Trainer 1: Will Folger, the Director of Human Resources, steps onto the battlefield with his team of Pokemon. He is determined to convince the opposing trainer and the Eureka City Council to adopt the new classification of Parking Enforcement Officer.

Trainer 2: The opposing trainer, representing the City Council, is ready to battle against this proposal. They send out their team of Pokemon to challenge Trainer 1.

Trainer 1 sends out his first Pokemon, Classification Specie.
Species: Parking Enforcement Officer
Type: Human Resource
Ability: Convincing Argument

Trainer 2 sends out their first Pokemon, Council Goal.
Species: Council Member
Type: Politician
Ability: Strategic Vision

The battle begins!

Turn 1:
Trainer 1's Classification Specie uses Convincing Argument to present a detailed explanation of the new classification and its benefits to the City Council. The move successfully raises the confidence of Trainer 1.

Trainer 2's Council Goal uses Strategic Vision to analyze the overall impact of the new classification on the council's goals and strategic vision. The move increases the determination of Trainer 2.

Turn 2:
Trainer 1's Classification Specie continues to emphasize the need for a full-time Parking Enforcement Officer position to support the City's Public Works Department and Code Enforcement Division. The move impresses Trainer 1's team and boosts their motivation.

Trainer 2's Council Goal counters with a discussion on the potential fiscal impact of adding this new position. The move raises doubts among Trainer 1's team, causing their motivation to decrease.

Turn 3:
Trainer 1's Classification Specie uses its Ability, Convincing Argument, once again to address the fiscal impact concerns. The move provides a detailed explanation that there will be no additional appropriation, as the funds generated by utilizing this classification will cover the cost of the position. Trainer 1's team regains their motivation.

Trainer 2's Council Goal attempts to counter with an analysis of the budget and the classification's placement at GC016. However, the move lacks the same impact as before due to Trainer 1's well-explained explanation.

Turn 4:
Trainer 1's Classification Specie takes advantage of the weakened position of Trainer 2's Council Goal. It delivers a final convincing argument, emphasizing how the new classification will foster collaboration and provide career opportunities for individuals interested in code enforcement. Trainer 1's team gains a significant boost in motivation.

Trainer 2's Council Goal realizes the strength of Trainer 1's argument and the potential benefits of the new classification. They acknowledge the need for a full-time Parking Enforcement Officer position and the positive impact it will have on the City's operations.

The battle concludes with Trainer 2, representing the City Council, accepting Trainer 1's recommendation to adopt the new classification of Parking Enforcement Officer into the City's Classification and Compensation Plan. Both trainers shake hands, acknowledging the successful duel and the positive outcome for the City of Eureka.

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Staff ReportResolution_Parking Enforcement OfficerParking Enforcement Officer 11-2023

3. Proposed 2024 Fire Suppression Assessment Balot

The Eureka City Council is considering a ballot for a 2024 Fire Suppression Assessment. This assessment would help generate revenue to maintain the staffing and services at area fire stations. The City owns 14 properties within the Humboldt No. 1 Fire Protection District, and the assessed amount for 2024 is $204. The City Manager is recommended to vote "yes" and sign the ballots for this assessment. There is no fiscal impact or additional appropriation for this proposal.

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… or, as a romance story!

Title: Love Ignites in Eureka

Chapter 1: Fire in Their Hearts

Suzanne Ross-Mantle, a talented and ambitious city manager, is preparing for an important city council meeting in Eureka, California. As she reviews the agenda summary for the proposed 2024 fire suppression assessment ballot, she becomes captivated by the list of properties owned by the City within the Humboldt No. 1 Fire Protection District. Little does she know that this seemingly mundane task will spark a chain of events that will forever change her life.

Chapter 2: A Fateful Encounter

As Suzanne walks into the City Council chamber, she notices a striking firefighter named Ethan Daniels. His strong presence and confident demeanor instantly catch her attention. Meanwhile, Ethan is drawn to Suzanne's intelligence and beauty. Sparks fly between them as they discuss the fire suppression assessment during the meeting.

Chapter 3: Shared Passion

Suzanne and Ethan's paths cross again when she visits one of the fire stations to gather more information for the upcoming vote. She witnesses firsthand the dedication and passion with which Ethan and his team protect the community. Drawn to his commitment and bravery, Suzanne finds herself falling for the firefighter.

Chapter 4: A Test of Trust

Despite their growing feelings for one another, Suzanne and Ethan face obstacles that test their budding romance. The assessments on the City-owned properties become a contentious issue, pitting the City Council and residents against each other. Suzanne must remain impartial as the city manager, while Ethan passionately fights for the funds needed to maintain their fire stations and keep the community safe.

Chapter 5: Love Against the Odds

As the tension escalates, Suzanne and Ethan's relationship faces strain. They must navigate the challenges of their respective roles while trying to preserve their love. Together, they find creative solutions to bridge the gap between the City Council and the fire protection district, fostering understanding and compromise.

Chapter 6: A Future Together

In the final chapter, Suzanne and Ethan's love triumphs. The City Council approves the fire suppression assessment, securing the necessary funding for the fire stations. Suzanne and Ethan's shared passion for their community strengthens their bond, and they commit to building a future together. With love and perseverance, they create a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives, fueled by their unwavering dedication to Eureka and each other.

"Love Ignites in Eureka" is a heartwarming romance novel that showcases the power of love amidst challenges and the importance of finding common ground for the greater good. Through their love story, Suzanne and Ethan prove that love can conquer all, even in the face of political disputes and conflicting responsibilities.

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