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Eureka City Council
Feb. 7, 2023, 6 p.m.


1. Every Student Succeeding - Saedra Joseph

2. Dave Silverbrand Proclamation






1. Council Meeting Minutes

2. Destruction of Records

The Eureka City Council is considering a resolution to destroy police records that are no longer needed, in accordance with Government Code 34090 and the City's Records Retention Policy. The records to be destroyed include citizen complaint files, internal affairs files, adjudicated parking records, uncollectable parking records, and various other department records. There is no fiscal impact associated with the resolution.

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… or, as Star Trek fan fiction!


Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise had been monitoring the situation on Eureka City for some time. He had heard reports of misconduct in the police department and was determined to investigate the matter.

Captain Picard and his team beamed down to the city council meeting to observe the destruction of records. As the council discussed and recommended the destruction of the records, Picard was suspicious. That is when he noticed the captain of the police department reviewing the records and looking nervous.

Picard knew something was up and decided to investigate further. He called in Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf to search the records and determine if there was any evidence of misconduct that had been overlooked.

After a thorough search, Data and Worf found evidence of misconduct. Picard confronted the captain of the police department and demanded answers. The captain confessed that he had been covering up misconduct by destroying the records.

Picard was outraged and ordered the captain to be taken into custody and the records to be preserved. He then reported the misconduct to the council and ensured that the proper disciplinary action was taken against the captain and the police department.

Picard had prevented the destruction of records that would have concealed misconduct and ultimately made Eureka City a little safer.

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Staff ReportResolution_Destruction of Records

3. City of Eureka Bike Plan Bid No. 2023-12 – Award of Consulting Services

The City of Eureka is planning to create a city-wide bike plan to connect multiple destinations and identify locations for new bike routes. A professional services agreement for $250,000 has been awarded to Mark Thomas & Company, Inc. to complete the plan. The plan will include a project task force and community engagement to discuss the desired types and locations of bike facilities. The City is required to provide a financial or in-kind match of $30,000. The project kickoff is expected in March 2023.

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… or, as an episode of Scooby Doo!

The gang is cruising through Eureka City on their bicycles, enjoying the sunny day. They come across a sign that reads "City of Eureka Bike Plan." Intrigued, they decide to investigate further.

Fred: "Let's check it out! Maybe there's something suspicious going on."

The gang follows the signs until they reach City Hall. The door is locked, so they decide to sneak in through a window.

Velma: "This must be the City Council meeting. They're discussing the City of Eureka Bike Plan Bid No. 2023-12 - Award of Consulting Services."

Daphne: "What do you think they're up to?"

Velma: "It looks like they're awarding a contract to Mark Thomas & Company, Inc. for a project to create a city-wide bike facility plan."

Shaggy: "Like, why would anyone want to do that? That sounds boring."

Scooby: "Ruh-Roh!"

Suddenly, the lights flicker and a mysterious figure appears in the shadows.

Mysterious Figure: "You kids shouldn't be here! This is none of your business!"

The gang is startled and quickly runs away.

Velma: "We have to get to the bottom of this. Let's follow that mysterious figure!"

The gang follows the figure until they reach a construction site.

Mysterious Figure: "Ah, here we are. This is where I'm planning to build my evil bicycle factory!"

The figure reveals himself to be a scientist.

Scientist: "I was awarded the contract to create a city-wide bike facility plan, but I'm really using the grant money to construct a factory to mass-produce bicycles for my evil plan!"

Velma: "Your evil plan is to take over the city with your bicycles?!"

Scientist: "That's right! With the help of my robotic bike army, no one will be able to stop me! Muahahahaha!"

The gang is shocked.

Fred: "We have to stop him! Let's get him!"

The gang chases the scientist and eventually catches him. The scientist is arrested and the grant money is returned to the city.

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Staff Report

4. High Tank Booster Pump Station Reconstruction - Project Award

The Eureka City Council is considering a project to reconstruct a booster pump station to provide potable water to the city and adequate pressure for fire suppression needs. The project consists of building a new pump station with a building, three pumps, and associated controls and piping. Mercer-Fraser Company is the low bidder at $888,000, with an additional $500,000 requested for the construction contract. The City Council is looking to approve the bid and additional appropriation.

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… or, as a horror story!

After years of planning, the City of Eureka was finally ready to replace the High Tank Booster Pump Station. Although the project was expensive, the citizens were excited to have a reliable and efficient pump station to keep the city's water pressure and fire suppression needs up to par.

However, when the construction project began, strange things started to happen. In the middle of the night, workers reported hearing strange noises and seeing strange lights emanating from the High Tank. No one paid much attention to these reports, until one night a worker went missing.

The worker had gone to investigate the strange noises and lights he had seen the night before, but he never came back. The search party that was sent out to look for him found his body inside the High Tank, his eyes wide open in terror.

The police began investigating the incident, but the only thing they found was a strange symbol carved into the side of the tank. It was a symbol that was unknown to anyone in the city.

The construction project was put on hold while the police investigated the incident, but the strange occurrences didn't stop. More workers went missing, and mysterious lights and sounds could still be seen and heard coming from the High Tank.

The police soon realized that the symbol was tied to a dark and ancient cult that was said to have been responsible for a series of gruesome murders in the area many years ago. It was believed that the cult had been using the High Tank as a sacrificial site for centuries.

The city of Eureka was in a state of panic, as the cult seemed to be gaining power. The police were unable to stop them, and the citizens were living in fear. In the end, the only way to stop the cult was to destroy the High Tank and all of the dark secrets it held.

The city was able to do this, and the cult was finally defeated. But to this day, the citizens of Eureka still remember the terror that the High Tank Booster Pump Station brought to their city.

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Staff Report

5. 1429 Sunny Avenue Property Acquisition (APN 006-191-015)

The Eureka City Council is considering acquiring a property at 1429 Sunny Avenue (APN 006-191-015) to use the lowland area for the Bay to Zoo Trail and the upland area for other City projects in the future. The Council is discussing the fiscal impact of the acquisition, how it aligns with the City of Eureka's 2040 General Plan, and any environmental review that may be required.

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… or, as a nursery rhyme!

Twas the agenda of Eureka City Council
For the 1429 Sunny Avenue Acquisition
The funds for the purchase, three hundred thirty-seven thousand two hundred and fifty
For the Bay to Zoo Trail, for a great mission

The City Attorney and Clerk reviewed and approved
The Community Services, Development Services and Finance too
For the Fire, Human Resources, Police and Public Works
Their approval was not needed, but still, they knew

The Council had one goal, of effective governance
For the future of Eureka, an important chance
To purchase the land, a great opportunity
For the benefit of all, an amazing feat!

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportResolution_1429_Sunny_Avenue



1. SB1383: Mandatory Organics Reduction Disposal Ordinance- Bil No. #1025-CS

The Eureka City Council is considering an ordinance that would repeal and replace Chapter 51, Solid Waste. This new ordinance would include requirements for universal collection of trash, recycling, and compost, as well as requirements for the franchise hauler. It would also require certain "Commercial Edible Food Generators" to donate their excess edible food and report their donations. Lastly, the ordinance requires the City to utilize materials from recovered organic waste and recycled paper products.

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… or, as a stage play!

Scene from Arthur Miller Play:

The City Council chamber is filled with the members of the City Council, City Attorney, City Clerk, Community Services, Finance, and Public Works departments. City Mayor, John Smith, stands at the front of the room.

John Smith: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to introduce Bill No. #1025-CS, an Ordinance of the City Council, repealed in its entirety and replaced with Chapter 51- Solid Waste, Sections 51.01-51.33. This new state mandate requires that cities adopt an enforceable ordinance to implement SB1383 requirements locally."

The members of the City Council and departments murmur amongst themselves in agreement.

John Smith: "In addition to carrying over existing Chapter 51 sections, the new additions to Chapter 51 include new requirements for the universal collection of trash, recycling, and compost in addition to requirements by the franchise hauler such as contamination monitoring, bin colors and labels, and route reviews."

The members of the City Council and departments nod in agreement.

John Smith: "The ordinance also includes new requirements for certain 'Commercial Edible Food Generators' which will need to arrange to donate all excess edible food and associated reporting requirements by the generator and the food rescue organizations. Lastly, the ordinance requires procurement targets for the City to accomplish to utilize materials from recovered organic waste products locally, and to utilize recycled paper products."

The members of the City Council and departments look at one another in agreement.

John Smith: "Do I have any questions or objections to this ordinance?"

There is a moment of silence as the members of the City Council and departments look around. No one speaks.

John Smith: "Very well. All in favor of Bill No. #1025-CS, please raise your hands."

All the members of the City Council and departments raise their hands in agreement.

John Smith: "The motion is passed. The ordinance is now in effect."

The members of the City Council and departments cheer in agreement.

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Staff ReportBil NO. 1025-C.S. CHAPTER 51 SOLID WASTE


1. Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Capital Improvement Project Adaptation Plan

The Eureka City Council will receive an informational presentation on the recently completed Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Capital Improvement Project Adaptation Plan. There will be no fiscal impact. The plan seeks to improve the resilience of the City's infrastructure to climate-related processes, and will provide an overview of the technical memorandum which was developed to support the City's need to develop a phased climate adaptation plan.

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… or, as a fantasy story!

The lush kingdom of Eureka had long been prosperous, sheltered from the tumultuous seas that surrounded it. But as time passed, the waters began to rise, threatening the kingdom. The King had to take action. He called upon his most capable advisor, the City Engineer Jesse Willor, to develop a plan to protect the city from the rising waters.

Jesse set to work and soon presented his plan to the City Council. He proposed a comprehensive adaptation plan tailored to the City's infrastructure. It involved constructing sea walls, elevating roads and trails, and improving the drainage and water systems. The plan was well received, and the King approved the necessary funding for its implementation.

The citizens of Eureka were relieved. The walls were built, the roads were raised, and the drainage and water systems were improved. And soon, Eureka was safe from the rising waters.

The people of Eureka were grateful for Jesse's quick thinking and his dedication to keeping their beloved kingdom safe. They celebrated with a grand feast in his honor and made him an honorary member of the royal court. From then on, Jesse was known as the Hero of Eureka.

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Staff Report

2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan Update

The Eureka City Council is discussing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan to create a more equitable and inclusive city. Will Folger, the Director of Human Resources, will present a report on the plan’s progress and objectives. The report will include information on what has been done so far and provide a roadmap for the plan’s future goals. There will be no additional budget or fiscal impact from this plan.

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… or, as a Robert Burns poem!

A Diversity Plan Update to Eureka City Council
Now baith his voice and pen,
Will Folger, Director of Human Resources,
Will lend his effort to the cause,
To make our city strong and diverse.

Though there may be some fiscal impact,
This plan is a necessary act,
For without it, we'd lack the tools,
To make our city shine and bloom.

With Fogbreak Justice comes the plan,
To make our city livable for all,
Our mission, vision and values will guide us,
As we strive to answer the call.

Let's hear the report, and lend an ear,
To the plans of Fogbreak Justice clear,
Let's bring our city to a higher place,
Where everyone is free from fear.

— LoCOBot


Staff Report

3. Eddy Alexander Marketing Presentation



1. City Website Update



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